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Terrible! Terrible! Please don't waste your time. Late to reply to emails and never replied to any questions I asked. Not even w.i.o.a approved. Really are just for profit not helpful at all. And can tell doesn't care about students at all.
I have only been attending Academy college for a few months but I really like it. It's a small school so class sizes are small. This gives me the opportunity to have more time with my professor which is what I like.
Students admitted to this college are not prepared for college coursework. Instructors are overpaid and under pressure to pass any student regardless of very poor performance. You are better off going to a real college with good credentials.
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They can be pretty flexible if your looking for a grade D school. So if your going off of flexibility and not quality, go to this school
The library is very small but you can get books shipped in from all over. You just have to wait like 2 weeks to get the books.
The campus is OK, it is very small but kind of cozy. If I didn't have such a grudge with this school right now, I would actually give it a little better grade. But the school itself doesn't care.
This college is ridiculous. The was a nightmare getting in. They would send me constant emails with different amounts of tuition that was owed. They charged me tons of fees. Al they wanted was my money and once they had it, I wouldn't even get responses back when I would send an email. They don't care about the students. I BS'd a report once and got an A on it and it had nothing to do with the topic. I think that shows how much they care about you learning. I spent a ton of money so far to go to a horrible school. I am so depressed about this. I am going to look into different schools.
HORRIBLE SCHOOL. Don't even consider going there. The education system is ridiculous, the teachers don't care what you turn in as long as you turn something in. You will get no response from anyone if you send out an email. It was a nightmare to even get in, no one knows what they are doing. I was in a constant argument with the administration because there was no communication. They said tell the front desk this and we will do this, well nothing ever happened. Its just a nightmare there
Its alright, I chose this school because of the cost. I wish I would have choosen a different school that was alittle more expensive because I would probably gotten a better education. Now I am stuck at this school but hopefully is do OK and get my BS.
SOme of the teachers are OK, but I had one online teacher that wouldn't respond to any question I sent him through email. I asked him to sign up for the book review and he wouldn't. I ended up failing the course because I was so frustrated with the teacher and couldn't concentrate on anything else. I wanted to LEARN the material and he would just give you 100% on your homework just for turning it in. I even BS'd a homework assignment once and he didn't even notice. This is why I feel like I am not getting anything out of it.
How Flexible the Class Schedules – im a new student . Im in high school know. Im senior. Thanks
I only give this school 1 star because it seems all instructors here are great people and do care about their students. Unfortunately the people who run the school could care less about you, specifically financial aid and the Campus Director. They will be your best friend sucking as much financial aid and student loans out of you as they can. Then when you finish school there good luck getting any answers on what is going on with left over money in your account, in my case 10,000+ dollars. I went over 2 months being ignored by the Campus director who I was told was the only one with the answers to where my money was going, always forwarded to voice mail which my calls were never returned and emails went unresponded to... Not the way you want to be treated by the person who is handling your money. The classes weren't that great... the instructors are pretty much stuck (Not their fault) to just reading the book and or just prepping you to pass a test with out really learning the material. There are alot of good people at this school but the higher up people just care about how much money they are making so I can not recommend this school. This was evident on how they would push people through the higher aviation courses when they hadn't even flown in a plane yet setting them up for failure, and they did fail. I recently tried to transfer credits to a State school in MN and they said they will not except ANY credits from Academy College.
Teachers Are Helpful – Teachers do there best work with a real life schedule if you have to work.
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