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ABAC is quite possibly the best college I have attended. I know what it is like to attend a school that doesn't look out for your best interests. During orientation I had several Deans introduce themselves and even pass on their card stating that if I were to need anything during my time at ABAC that I could ask them for help. They also have an amazing tutoring set up. During finals they have people working until 12:00 AM. Everyone that is employed at ABAC are there for every students needs.
Great school. They have a beautiful campus with great facilities. The facility is amazing and really devote themselves to the education of their students and are willing to work one on one with students outside of the classroom. This is a really good school and I couldn't imagine picking a better place to start my college career!
The campus is beautifully manicured, the apartments and dorms are comfortable and homey. ABAC is a second home to me.
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I love the closer feel of this small school. Makes it more homey and all the professors and people make this school the best school to attend.
I haven't attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College , but I have heard very positive thing about the school. I will be a transient student. The professors are willing to work the students on their subjects.
I love the support that all students receive from the faculty and staff. They seek to ensure that every student succeed by giving us the resources and helping us find the connections that we need in order to advance our careers goals. ABAC really does provide a very unique and rich education t every single one of it’s students, and I am so glad that I made the choice to attend. We have a beautiful campus and a very calming environment that makes every student feel like they can truly achieve any goal that they put their mind to.
It is a good college but really hard. The hardest part of the college is Math and Science departments the rest is petty easy
Good college, however, there is not too much to do on the weekends. Professors are for the most part nice and willing to help students.
My experience as a freshmen has been very good. Theirs so much activities that our campus offers. The most thing that interested me was that the campus is divers with so many ethnicity.
Very helpful professors that help you with study plans and give plenty of opportunities for extra credit. Academic Achievement Center for tutoring that is helpful if you are struggling in any class. Nice living facilities and dining hall and a very clean campus.
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a small school in a small town. It has some of the best programs around with some of the best staff. Everyone is willing to help in any way they can.
ABAC is great community college. I love it! Its small but it is in a way better because the professors are more attentive and caring. The dorms are great and the food is pretty good to.
My experience was very welcoming and like home feeling. the whole high school career I was told you will actually experience life when I get to college, and the two-week visit I did was amazing. The food, amazing. The professors taught to where you could actually understand what was going on.
it is a great school and has good professors to help you along the way to your degree. and unlike most universities they are small and you can travel the campus in as easy as 10 minutes.
I love attending ABAC! The people here are so welcoming and supportive. Tifton is a smaller town, but there are plenty of people attending college here from all walks of life. The professors here are wonderful, and I feel that they truly care about my success. They care about my success in their class as well as later on in life. They want the best for each and every student. ABAC is incredibly affordable, especially to now be a four year college.
Its fun and the professors are easy to talk to and contact. the dorms are nice to stay in even though the beds provided are tough and you need a mattress pad for them. Also they provide an academic achievement center with free tutors to all students. they also have free access to a full gym that is on campus. teachers work well with commuters as well
There's a great sense of community. Classes aren't too big so students have a more personal atmosphere to learn in. Small town doesn't offer much in the nightlife, but a great place for biology and premed majors.
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It’s a small college with excellent student life and good academics. I like the small town and community atmosphere. The tuition is reasonable and there is a high job placement rate after graduation. I feel the professors are knowledgeable and demonstrate through action and word the desire for each students success.
My housing is clean and conviently located in the campus. The cafeteria would could be more varied with a need for later dining hours to accommodate sports and campus organization meetings.
I like how the campus is self contained outside of town but close enough for shopping and entertainment. It is a beautiful campus with a fascinating history.
My freshman experience with Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has been nothing less than astounding. I decided to live on campus because I believed it would allow for more opportunities to be involved; I was right. I've had the pleasure of forming strong relationships with a diverse group of people and am currently being challenged by what I believe are some of the best professors in the state. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College offers some of the best four-year degrees, and I'm looking forward to obtaining my bachelors degree in nursing while living here. The campus is a safe, clean environment that has proven itself perfect for students who are serious about academic success. If I were to rate this school on a scale of one to five, i'd give it a score of five. If interested in pursuing a degree here at ABAC, I recommend scheduling a campus visit!
I graduated from Abraham Baldwin College in 2014 with my Associate degree in Nursing. It is a wonderful school. I found the College to be a very diversity school and the professors and teacher s and all of the faculty are there for you when you need them. They are connected and the school gives you many opportunities to further your career and makes it affordable to attend. ABAC is an excellent school and I definitely recommend if looking to choose a career , choose Abraham Baldwin College. I did.
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