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My experience at ABAC has been fantastic! Some classes are tough, but that is how some college classes are. The staff, professors, and coaches are very helpful and polite. The campus has a police academy program so the campus is very safe. The grounds team keeps the campus looking very clean and well maintained. All of the students who stay on-campus never complain about the food, so it must be good. I don't eat on campus because I'm always on the go and don't have time to eat.
I love absolutely everything about ABAC. It has so much diversity, endless opportunities, and it is a great school overall.
When the first day of college began, I began to get nervous because of all of the rumors saying that college will be difficult and need to study a lot. In that case, it is true but if you make the sacrifices and study hard it will make life easier. The things I like is the student life because everyone is friendly with each other. It is not to difficult to get lost on campus. Things to improve are more student event activities like games or getting together.
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Great teachers, personal learning, extremely affordable, great campus life, wonderful BCM. The campus may not be the largest, but it feels like home.
ABAC is a very beautiful place. The food is amazing, especially fried chicken Thursday. Classes are small so when a student is struggling, they can reach out to the professor and ask for help. They also have free tutoring. They have a pond on campus for those who’s like to enjoy the outdoors fishing. ABAC have tennis, softball, baseball, and soccer.
I began taking ABAC classes through the Dual Enrollment program offered at my high school. I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity as it allowed me to finish college classes more quickly at a fraction of the cost. Aside from that, however, my experience with ABAC was not the best. Many instructors clearly lack motivation as I had several that forgot to post assignments/instructions on numerous occasions and failed to cover all of the material before the class was over. I was also disappointed at the work opportunities provided for students as there are few and pay very little. While I believe that it was the most cost-effective option for me as a high school student will little money to spare, I felt the college was lacking in providing a good education that would prepare me for the future.
My experience at ABAC is great. I attend the campus in Bainbridge, GA and had no problems. Advisors and Professors always emailed me in a reasonable time. If I needed help , I knew I could depend on the tutors working there. Even with online classes it wasn't hard to reach out if you was having any problems. Setting up meeting wasn't default. In Fall 2019, I will be transferring to the Main campus in Tifton. Hopefully I experience the same thing.
I have been a student here for almost a year now, and have had no trouble being successful academically. I wouldn’t change a thing about this place.
The people at ABAC were pretty nice. The staff were there to help if you needed it and I feel as though it is pretty challenging. One thing I would like to see changed is the interaction amongst everyone. I think more people need to interact with each other!
I have only attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College for a year now, but it was the best choice i could have made. The classes don't put you to sleep and they are very informative on the subject that you are attending. i have made a big handful of friends at college already that it makes me want to attend college year round. The environment that the teachers and other students give makes it so much easier to know that you have made the best decision you could have made at 18 years old.
ABAC is a small college with a beautiful campus. You can get a 2 year or 4 year degree, even though it is a junior college. Tifton has a lot to offer as far as places to eat, get supplies for both school and dorm, and see a movie. ABAC makes you feel right at home. Class sizes are not too large. Dorms are pretty decent. D-hall has great food plus there is a Surcheros on campus. You can easily get from one class to another. Pool and gym facilities are great. At ABAC you gain some of the best friends and you get an excellent education!
Love the atmosphere and the instructors there. Excellent programs and students are from all over the world there. Nursing program is in the top 10 of colleges.
staff always willing to help out, including professors! i think the housing should be upgraded. Everyone I have met there is always friendly and welcoming.
I love that we have professors that want you to succeeded. I love that the library is getting basically a make-over. I think more parking would be beneficial for the school staff, faculty, and students alike.
A great college. College can be a very scary situation with new students. Someone always emails or wrote letters in the mail when you need something or missing anything. I think overall it’s a tough but fair school. They encourages you to learn as well
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a state college in Tifton, Ga. The college provides a safe environment for students. The college also have great professors and resources for students in need. The resources are the food pantry, clothing closet, scholarship, on campus jobs etc. What I like about the college is the campus is beautiful. Students can be themselves without being judged. There are a variety of organizations and clubs such as Ambassadors, Helping Profession Association, Rural Studies and so forth. The college also have intramural sports like tennis, baseball, and soccer. What I also like about the college is there are always events for students to attend. I would like to see is more available parking space for students.
Great campus, lots of activities to do on campus. The professors really challenge you and want you to learn. The push you to do your best.
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I really like how open but small the campus is. The food is great but repetitive at times. The only concern I have is with safety when crossing the roads to get to another part of campus.
Great professors. Great people. Great classes. Only down side is there isn't much to do around the town.
Abac is a very good college where kids can meet and grow with new people daily. The professors are nice and will try to help people any way they can. The little town gives off a homie feeling that you might miss being away from home. All the workers at the school are nice and polite.
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