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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Reviews

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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a state college in Tifton, Ga. The college provides a safe environment for students. The college also have great professors and resources for students in need. The resources are the food pantry, clothing closet, scholarship, on campus jobs etc. What I like about the college is the campus is beautiful. Students can be themselves without being judged. There are a variety of organizations and clubs such as Ambassadors, Helping Profession Association, Rural Studies and so forth. The college also have intramural sports like tennis, baseball, and soccer. What I also like about the college is there are always events for students to attend. I would like to see is more available parking space for students.
Great campus, lots of activities to do on campus. The professors really challenge you and want you to learn. The push you to do your best.
I really like how open but small the campus is. The food is great but repetitive at times. The only concern I have is with safety when crossing the roads to get to another part of campus.
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Great professors. Great people. Great classes. Only down side is there isn't much to do around the town.
Abac is a very good college where kids can meet and grow with new people daily. The professors are nice and will try to help people any way they can. The little town gives off a homie feeling that you might miss being away from home. All the workers at the school are nice and polite.
Campus is very nice, quiet but lively, and normal. Small school, teachers and staff are willing to help . Meet great people here.
ABAC is a great college. Everyone from housing to advisors to student accounts, have been so nice and easy to work with. The one thing that I would change is dining, as a freshman yo must pay for a dining plan, even if you never use it.
Professors care and are extremely understanding. Nice facilities. Good academics. The dual-enrollment program is excellent. All of the staff help students reach their potential.
ABAC is quite possibly the best college I have attended. I know what it is like to attend a school that doesn't look out for your best interests. During orientation I had several Deans introduce themselves and even pass on their card stating that if I were to need anything during my time at ABAC that I could ask them for help. They also have an amazing tutoring set up. During finals they have people working until 12:00 AM. Everyone that is employed at ABAC are there for every students needs.
Great school. They have a beautiful campus with great facilities. The facility is amazing and really devote themselves to the education of their students and are willing to work one on one with students outside of the classroom. This is a really good school and I couldn't imagine picking a better place to start my college career!
The campus is beautifully manicured, the apartments and dorms are comfortable and homey. ABAC is a second home to me.
I love the closer feel of this small school. Makes it more homey and all the professors and people make this school the best school to attend.
I haven't attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College , but I have heard very positive thing about the school. I will be a transient student. The professors are willing to work the students on their subjects.
I love the support that all students receive from the faculty and staff. They seek to ensure that every student succeed by giving us the resources and helping us find the connections that we need in order to advance our careers goals. ABAC really does provide a very unique and rich education t every single one of it’s students, and I am so glad that I made the choice to attend. We have a beautiful campus and a very calming environment that makes every student feel like they can truly achieve any goal that they put their mind to.
It is a good college but really hard. The hardest part of the college is Math and Science departments the rest is petty easy
Good college, however, there is not too much to do on the weekends. Professors are for the most part nice and willing to help students.
My experience as a freshmen has been very good. Theirs so much activities that our campus offers. The most thing that interested me was that the campus is divers with so many ethnicity.
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Very helpful professors that help you with study plans and give plenty of opportunities for extra credit. Academic Achievement Center for tutoring that is helpful if you are struggling in any class. Nice living facilities and dining hall and a very clean campus.
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a small school in a small town. It has some of the best programs around with some of the best staff. Everyone is willing to help in any way they can.
ABAC is great community college. I love it! Its small but it is in a way better because the professors are more attentive and caring. The dorms are great and the food is pretty good to.
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