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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College offers a quality education with tremendous staff. The college is set on a beautiful campus. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
I love ABAC, it is a great smaller college for students who would like to be apart of smaller classes, you get more one on one time with the professors, you meet more people and easily widen your network. There is not anything I would change about this school, it speaks for itself and I am sure all the students who attend would agree.
ABAC is a community, with approximately 3500 students it is large enough to meet new people every day but small enough to always recognize many people. The professors are fantastic! ABAC's open door policy with staff is fantastic. Professors strive to make students competitive and ready for the workforce.
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It is a small school so we have limited classes.
We get together to take this online class in the dorm
Class sizes are small. One class over 20 students.
A degree from ABAC means you have field experience
  • 6 months ago
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Best small school for a forestry degree.
Classes are really hands on, you apply your learning
They will do whatever it takes to help you
I honestly do not know because I have not taken any online classes yet
They do an okay job.
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
Everything is great at the school. Professors are nice and will help you out.
Everybody gets along together at this school.
I will be transferring in the Spring of 2017 and ABAC's website makes it very easy and convenient to check for transferable credits. All of the classes I have taken so far were accepted by the school I will be transferring to (Coastal College of Georgia). The classes are also easy to register for. Even with a job and family time, I have enough time to relax as well as study.
Online classes are neat because it allows you to have discussion posts with other peers in the class. Online classes are also convenient for those who aren't able to commute to school everyday. Registration is easy once you figure out which classes are expressed or not.
Faculty and Staff work very hard to help you find the perfect career that meets up with your degree.
  • 8 months ago
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Every professor that I have had at ABAC has been willing to work hands on with students to enhance the learning process. Class sizes are relatively small, about 20-30 per class. There are various different classes including: Mathematics, English, History, Music, Science, Social Science, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Physical Education.
ABAC is a well respected school. Professors will work with you to get internships or jobs.
  • 8 months ago
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ABAC is my starting point in college. I plan to finish up my core credits at ABAC before transferring for my Bachelor's degree.
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