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I took online and hybrid classes and it was an absolute cluster for the most part. Im not sure how some professors can even be hired it has to be a favor to them from someone they know on the inside.
If i could give it negative 5 million stars i would. This college is a joke and unless you're from around the area in agriculture already or only interested in big business farming and sales then you're in the wrong place. I love agriculture but unless its monocrop then you're out of luck. Save you're money and make the grades to get into UGA. Absolute joke.
I did not plan on going to this college at first, but now that I am here I do not regret it. It is a very nice college and all of my professors are nice as well. Dining hall never disappoints and I enjoy their variety of drinks. All of the students here are friendly and I am really enjoying going here. I plan on returning for my sophmore year because I am learning a lot of material here. I have enjoyed learning math as well and before it was not my favorite subject. The instructors that I have had tend to teach well and are comprehendible. There is a great amount of diversity as well and many clubs. I enjoy taking walks on the track as well and it always feels safe to do so. I am currently staying at Place and I enjoy it very much. I have enough space in my room and a great kitchen to use. The fridge is spacious enough and there are plenty of cabinets. The free area is great for the amount of people who stay at the dorm and the people here are nice. The bathrooms here are very clean.
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I have most of my classes online. I enjoy all of the classes online. Most of my work is online for the in-person classes as well. I find it easier and better this way. I also find it more safer due to the pandemic going on. The teachers are mostly fair on the online classes and tend to reply fast through email.
The teaches did not give an extreme amount of work. If you need help the teacher would respond to you in a timely manner and would interact with us to keep us engaged with the course.
ABAC is a fantastic school with staff that care about the students. The dining hall is a nice place to eat with delicious food. The only thing I’d change is have a more variety of food.
Didn’t take online classes because I left before the outbreak of COVID. From what I heard online is like the school. You get what you pay for.
Also known as “Ty-ty Tech,” ABAC is an absolute NIGHTMARE for anyone not in nursing or agriculture. You can get by in biology but if you are any other type of stem major, GOOD LUCK. My advisor was absolutely terrible at helping me understand my situation and transcript. Administration in ANY DEPARTMENT refuses to pick up the phone no matter what time or day you call. Professors I. The STEM area (again, aside from the majors listed above) are absolutely hit or miss. It’s not like you have much choice as there are only about 5 or so. In summation, if you want to be in any agriculture, nursing, or biology area go right ahead. Otherwise, don’t go here to “save money on core classes” like I did. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Spend a few thousand more at the place you have always wanted to go. When factoring in the cost of college ANYWHERE, a few thousand for a trillion times better school is worth it. Trust me when I say, “You get what you pay for.”
I am very happy with my college choice. They are committed to making this fall semester the best and safest it can be for each individual student.
My online courses start this fall and so far they seem very well structured. The professors genuinely care about their student's success.
Although online classes are not my preference, my instructors worked with me to help me retain the information I needed. I struggled with it as I focus better in a classroom setting, but COVID prevented that. Our instructors worked tirelessly to help us get the most out of this semester, although we were unable to see each other face-to-face.
ABAC is an amazing school! I love it. The instructors are very well informed, work with you, offer you every opportunity to ensure that you know the information needed for your program. The campus is gorgeous, and there is always something you can do!
The transition to online learning was a lot easier than I thought it would be because the teachers still responding to emails and helped in any way the needed to.
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a wonderful college were the teachers really try to help you make the best grades possibly regardless of the situation.
The online experience took some time getting used to, although it did make the classes harder, I am a visual learner, so not being able to be in an actual classroom with other students and the professor really took a toll on me, so overall the online learning system really isn’t for me, but it did work for others.
The people here are all so amazing, everyone is willing to help, you can never go wrong with meeting new people because everyone is so willing to make you feel at home, the atmosphere is just so positive.
The online transition was not as bad as I thought it would be. The professors provide you with an online schedule to complete weekly so you can go at your own pace and can plan your schedule. The classes are on zoom so you can have somewhat of a face to face contact with the teachers. You have to manage your time well with online classes.
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I am in the nursing program and overall the schools program is nice!! The only thing I would change about ABAC is the staff response time. They either get back to you very late or not at all. The school also plans things really late so hopefully you aren’t a planner because they will make your OCD side run wild.
I like how it’s a small school and everyone there knows each other. At a higher school it can be hard for a teacher to remember your name. However, I think they should update the Dorms.
I really loved how small and accessible the classes are on campus. A student can find different ways to connect with a teacher as well as with other students. It was a great freshman experience because the college itself was not overwhelming. The faculty made you feel welcome and the institution always appreciated their students and clubs/organizations. I hope to see a bit more diversity at ABAC in the future because it is a great college.
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