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Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing Reviews

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I heard they have a great alumni network. The job prospects I heard that they hire from the inside the school for their hospital.
This is not exactly online courses, but they do have you use an ATI testing website for class assignments which is very helpful for learning and preparing for the NCLEX
The Library has everything you need regarding resources with either computers, books or journals related to medical care. There is no athletic center but they are part of Penn State Abington which has facilities there you may also use at your disposal including their Library.
Review Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing
There will be no problem with transferring any credits when moving on to BSN program from this RN program. Courses are easily transferred to Penn State. The schedule fits in with my busy work schedule.
Even though the workload can be hard it is worth it, everyone is there to help and support one another. The facilities used inside the school for clinical learning are very helpful
There are plenty of opportunities offered to practice clinical skills. Teachers are willing to be there an open up labs for you to practice. Classes are all assigned by the school, and curriculum.
There is only an RN program at this school, but they are tightly linked with Penn State so they have an easy transition program. Alumni are very involved.
Class size is fine. The professors, some are wonderful, others you have to work very hard to meet their approval especially with clinical practices.
It is very diverse and everyone gets along. There is no tension, everyone does there best to help each other.
Not very helpful with helping you with questions
No one aware of weekend library hours or extra hours during testes or extended hours for finals
Computer lab was nice everything else was older classrooms are very cold
Some instructors are amazing but the school in general as an overall school it isn't what I expected it to be
No internships/ very difficult to get a job at the hospital since there's so many students competing for the same position
Workload ( clinical paperwork) is not consistent from term to term nor clinical instructor to clinical instructor. Was no set guidelines or structure for the clinical instructors to be on the same page. Everybody pretty much does their own thing.
The school is very disorganized along with some teachers. But there are some teachers there that have that passion to teach nursing.
Its not entirely the best but it isn't entirely the worst.
Review Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing
The campus resources are very useful and informative.
Very diverse student body I've seen so far on the campus.
The campus resources so far have been good. I have yet to utilize all of them until the fall.
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