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It was a good school but it cost a lot and now I am loaded in debt. It was a really intentional school where professors were so friendly and often invited us to their homes. You get to build actual relationships with the faculty and staff and you make friends that will last for a lifetime.
I enjoy Abilene Christian University so much! There are lot of friendly people that you will meet on campus, the professors are great and they want to know you personally, we have a beautiful campus, and a great wellness center that is well established. The only problem is that because Abilene is a small city, do not expect big attractions like Austin or Dallas has. But it is beautiful and fun here in Abilene!
I like the overall atmosphere and my classes. They need to work on their conflict resolution training for their residence advisors.
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I love the small atmosphere at Abilene Christian University. Growing up in a small town, Abilene Christian feels just like home to me. However I would change the amount of money they invest. They are building a huge football stadium. I believe the is not fair because they should invest that money into scholarships to help students finance the rest of college.
Abilene Christian University is a great college with many great opportunities. They really make sure that students are involved with events going on and help them have fun while still going to school.
Abilene Christian University is an amazing college to build a relationship with Christ, friends and even professors. There is a very strong sense of community on campus. It is so easy to find a friendly face. Aside from social settings, the academic quality is very well worth the price. Education is my number one priority and I feel that everything I have learned has real world application as well as a correlation with a Christian faith.
ACU is an amazing place for students looking for a community that cares about it students and that genuinely supports students in any endeavors they desire. Whether it be academic, social, or extracurricular, ACU gives it's all to its students.
ACU is a great school! Being an out of state student is intimidating, but ACU makes it easy to get connected, and I'm so thankful for the college experience I've had so far. The academics are rigorous, but the professors actually care about you and I have weekly meetings with my professors to go over things and get help. Abilene can definitely be boring at times, especially freshman year, but joining a social club or getting involved in volunteering or intramurals really changes everything and now I wish I had more free time.
It is a great school the people there are amazing. It is easy for you to stay focused and it is a great living environment.
I loved the campus and the friendly staff. My professors made a lasting impression on me and my career. I loved getting to know people from all over the nation and the world. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
ACU is a great place to grow and challenge yourself in academics and in faith. The cafeteria is terrible.
ACU is an amazing school. It is a small private school so teachers are able to see each student as an individual rather than a number on their roster. The teachers truly care about the success of each student and are willing to help in any way they can.
Abilene Christian University is a great school that helps to further one's spiritual journey as well as their academic education. The professors are all very knowledgeable and care a lot about their students. Classes can be difficult at times, but the smaller sizes of the classes helps the learning situation and lets professors talk to and get to know individual students. I believe that there could be more activities available for freshman who want to get involved but do not know how to. Many people want to meet others with similar interests, but they do not know how to accomplish this.
Good academics, but pricey. Campus is beautiful. Not as conservative as expected from a church of Christ based school
My experience at Abilene Christian University has been life changing. I have learned so much academically, but also about myself as a person. The professors are amazing and always are willing to help their students. One thing I would like to see change at ACU is the school spirit. However, we are building a new stadium in hopes that more students will attend games. Overall, ACU is an amazing school and I love it!
ACU is a great school for someone who likes a sense of community and a relatively small school. The professors are excellent and take a genuine interest in their students. In addition, there are many free resources available on campus e.g. writing center, speaking center, tutoring, etc.

The campus is beautiful and safe and the food is constantly improving. There are a number of social clubs and different groups you can join on campus and it's pretty diverse. Most of your experiences will be largely based on your personality and the groups of friends you choose.

A downside is that ACU is too expensive. Although the quality of education is great, you begin to truly wonder if it is really worth it. Helps a bit that they offer tons of financial aid, and they are cooperative and helpful to students.

All in all, I would say for me personally, ACU has been a great place to grow and learn.
As an international student, I was very afraid to begin college in a whole new environment. But Abilene Christian University didn't make me feel that way. It was so welcoming and I quickly adjusted to everything around me. The first couple of weeks were hard but the people at Abilene Christian University were very helpful and welcoming. You could tell that they wanted you to be there and that if you needed help to just ask them and they would help you as much as they could. The campus isn't that big so everything was walking distance and it is a very nice campus. It is kept clean and managed very well. It is safe and I wouldn't trade going to any other place than Abilene Christian University. It has been a great experience.
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I knew starting a new school online while working full-time and having a family would be a great challenge. What surprised me most was the closeness of the online community. My peers were understanding when troubled situations happened, but committed to the journey. Most of the group projects were true collections/collages of the entire group.
My program coordinator, Kim Gill, was amazing from day one. If a problem or questions arose, she would happily help find a solution. She's a true encourager especially when the most challenging things in my life were happening. Kim also gave great advice on study habits and resources to help along the way.
The best part of ACU and what makes it a true Christian University were the professors. The professors I encountered in the organizational development and conflict resolution fields were blessed beings that gave prayers freely but without force.
There is really no night life. The toutoring is great and really helpful. The president needs to be more active and come up with more activities that involve culture.
The advisors are knowledgeable. The professors are excellent. The coursework is grueling but fair. Know APA. I am glad I returned here for the doctoral program.
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