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My online learning through ACU was great. It was easy to figure out. The faculty were very accessible. The classes were taught in a manner that was conducive for learning.
ACU was very helpful with the admission process and continued great communication throughout my enrollment. They were very helpful and wanted me to succeed. They made the process very easy. The faculty were great and very accessible to the students.
When coronavirus broke out after spring break, we switched to an online learning platform for the rest of the semester. I was very disappointed in the results. Although the teachers had a week specifically set aside to rework their courses and to get instruction on how best to rework their courses, every course I had struggled to teach effectively the material we would have gotten if we were in class. For one class, I even had to do a group project with one of the members living in Australia. The difficulty of scheduling time to work together was tremendous, and probably affected our overall grade. Most classes chose to do simple assignments once a week, which was nice for workload, but did not make me feel like I was actually learning the information. The online classes have been better so far this year, but I am still very disappointed in their handling of online classes last spring semester.
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Abilene Christian University allows me to become the best version of myself. The university provides an abundance of resources, such as the writing center, the speaking center, the career center, the learning center . . . basically, anything you need help with, there is a center for you. The teachers truly believe in you and, though strict at times, want you to grow in your education and in your relationship with God. I have no complaints about ACU. It is a place to come and find yourself in Christ.
I'm currently taking one online class and it's just like i'm sitting in class. The teacher knows his limitations with only being able to be online, but is still able to produce a productive learning session with his students.
I love Abilene Christian University, even though I've been here for a short time, the community here is very welcoming. People and students all around treat each other like family and with respect. The education system is top tier and safety among students is a top priority here.
This college is amazing and you should definitely go.................................................
ACU is a great school for someone who is looking for a small, Christian environment while still getting a little name recognition (in Texas, at least) and better academics than other smaller or comparably sized Christian universities in Texas.
Personally, I don't really like online classes to begin with, so this review is a little biased from the start. That being said, ACU's online classes are definitely not at the same caliber as in-person classes, but they're not terrible either. Professors are usually easy to reach (though some professors rarely respond to emails - these are the exceptions), and assignments are usually clearly defined. The online learning experience at ACU mostly depends on the professor teaching the class. It varies pretty widely from professor to professor.
Professors made online classes easy and accessible. Except for one professor who gave us double the assignments.
The drug culture here is insane, People will post fluffy religious quotes on social media and bash the LGBT, but regularly do cocaine,MDMA etc.

Professors are nice and far more open minded than the student body.

Half of the students are married by age 20 or 21. The stereotypes are completely true. Most people here are white, privileged and extremely conservative.
professors generally were accommodating. Some were not,and had trouble adjusting our courses to the online format.
I have very mixed opinions on this school.

On one hand,the faculty was wonderful here. I had great experiences with my professors,and former close friendships with them. They were very accommodating.

On the other hand,the student body here is interesting. One half of the school will judge you if you miss chapel once,or swear. The other half party like crazy. It’s a common stereotype hear how people who regularly do coke & other hard drugs end up graduating with bible degrees. It’s a strange contradiction.

Students are very,very cliquey here. It is not diverse here at all. People here all come from the same wealthy backgrounds,look the same,dress the same,and all have the same beliefs.

Social clubs here are based on popularity and connections. Once again,they are extremely cliquey. You have to be deemed worthy to join. There is a lot of bullying in social clubs that go unnoticed by the admin. Particularly in the female social clubs.
Attending ACU has been a great experience because of the memories that I have made and the people I have met. I am excited to go back and continue furthering my education at a school that is very helpful to all students.
Taking my classes online was not much of a struggle, my professors made sure that they were available for me and the other students whenever I had questions. They also provided all the necessary information needed for all of my assignments, quizzes, and tests.
I just now got accepted so I have to wait but from what I hear they are more than great! The students there have a great relationships with the professors and the professors truly care about you and your well-being.
Over there in Abilene Christian University everything is exactly that you want it to be and honestly I'm not even bluffing.
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I love the diversity of the college! As a young African American female, I was concerned about diversity while looking at private colleges. I am proud to walk on campus and see peers who look just like me!
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, my school made the decision to move classes online. I had initial concerns, but was quickly reassured by my professors. They stayed in contact at all times and made sure they made time available for zoom meetings to explain and answer concerns!
The atmosphere at ACU is amazing. It’s my home away from home. The teachers are awesome and truly care about their students
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