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I have loved ACU!! At first I didnt want to go to a small school, but after coming here I couldn't imagine it any other way. The friends you make here you will have forever and the ACU community is just simply amazing.
The Campus is very small, safe and beautiful. The professors and staff are all welcoming and will help with anything you need. It's very rare that I ever feel homesick here. As far as the food, everything is top of the line and you can eat as much as you want. As far as sports go, the teams are very prestigious in what they do. The coaching staff is just as welcoming as the rest of the staff. On this campus, there are multiple ways that you will be able to grow in faith and learn everything you've learned growing up, yet you will be educated about them in ways you never expected. With this you'll have much better knowledge of the bible and Christianity than you ever have!
My experience at Abilene Christian University, so far, has been amazing! I have met so many people who have become life long friends. Abilene Christian University definitely has an environment that you win't find anywhere else.
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The experience has been great I like the christian atmosphere. The community is not too complex. The community seems safe and everything is not far from each other. Getting things done and going from place to place is not a struggle. Though I wish at ACU there would be better ways for financial assistance, rather than always searching for loans.
This school is the perfect combination of faith and education! My classes are small, and it is very easy to get to know your professors.
Abilene Christian University has a very friendly, and clean environment. All staff and employees are very helpful and kind. The school offers many different clubs and activities for students to have fun and get to know other people. It has valuable resources designed to help students achieve such as having a learning center and a writing center. We have a very diverse campus with people coming from different countries like South Africa, Guatemala, and Asia.
Great faculty and staff. Friendly atmosphere. Safe environment. Many opportunities for community and spiritual growth.
of course, its all in what you're looking for in a school. This is a Church of Christ Christian school, so you have mandatory chapels to be at, and of course, the party scene is pretty much nonexistant. There are parties, but not many go to them, as illegal substance is highly discouraged. This is a great school for medical programs, business programs, and biblical studies. Its definitely in a small town and there isnt much to do, however, the people here are absolute sweethearts, and helps with focus. The campus is beautiful, small with a tight knit community, but again, it depends on what youre looking for. Professors will know your name and want a relationship with you.
Abilene has literally been so amazing. Not once have I ever been treated rude by the faculty. I loved the environment as well it's an outstanding school.
I would like to see this campus be more involved with their minority students. But other than that, the campus is great.
At ACU you will find a very close community of students,you begin to get to know a lot of people you may not even have classes with and I find that very special. it feels more like a family
There is a comradery among students. As a faith-based institution, the student body establishes a wonderful sense of tradition and community. The academics are phenomenal. The professors encourage discussion and participation in class. Their assignments and coursework are extremely useful and are a wonderful representation of the course itself. The professors are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. They are passionate about teaching at Abilene Christian University specifically. Overall, the school has been a wonderful experience with many encouraging people and situations.
ACU is an amazing university that is very welcoming the moment you step foot on campus. The faculty provides multiple opportunities and support to help each and every one of their students to be the best that they can be. I have made many friends here at ACU, and we continuously help each other through tough times wether it be academic or personal situations. ACU is my second home and I hope it becomes yours too!
ACU was a great environment for learning and building long term relationships. I love the diversity on campus and how helpful students and professors were. I was recommend this amazing school.
ACU is more than a Christian college but a family that heavily relies on lifting each others spirits and treating each other like brothers and sisters in Christ as Wildcats. Understandably, the "C" scares people because believe that students wear white, speak in tongues, and carry a bible in hand or in a backpack when in all honesty, the comparisons are incorrect and what we do here isn't as excruciating people think it is! As an incoming freshman, I can already feel the love of Christ and the staff here that I feel safer here and that I thank my Lord and Savior for helping me pick the right college. For any Christians, other students seeking to get know Jesus in college, or is interested in ministry, then I believe whole-heartedly that ACU is the right place to spend your four-years at!
Over all, ACU is a great school. I've had a lot of fantastic professors and met lifelong friends. There are a lot of opportunities on campus to get involved and professors actually care about you. Most of my classes have been well-structured and the campus is generally attractive and taken care of.

That being said, there have also been downsides. I've had some bad professors. Counselor oversights have led to difficulty with completing both my major and minor requirements. They don't have enough parking. Some of the buildings need an update badly.

My biggest complaint was chapel. You need 55 chapel credits, which is insane. They got rid of the app we used for tracking them, so for most of the semester we have no idea how many we actually need. They also made it harder to get exemptions, so many people just resent chapel as a whole.

Despite all this, I would recommend ACU to most people. It's expensive, but I have no regrets and have loved my college experience.
ACU has a great welcoming community. The students and facility seek to make each individual feel as though they have a place on campus. Sometimes individuals have trouble plugging themselves into the campus. My advice would be to participate and take steps to be involved in as much possible but don't overload. As a minority, OMA (Office of Multicultural Affairs) is a great plug-in. It is sometimes difficult to get involved in activities due to the racial gap. Which brings me to the reason, ACU doesn't get five stars. Most minorities on campus have the OMA experience with highlights or moments of ACU. It should be an ACU experience with highlights or moments of OMA.
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I had a very rough year at ACU, mainly because I felt as though most of the professors didn't care about my wellbeing as they advertised to me before I enrolled. I went to ACU excited and ready, but after arriving it was downhill from there. I was in the band and the directors were rude and showed favoritism toward the music majors and those that had extraordinary musical talent, rather than showing interest in the students who were struggling. ACU was advertised as a loving, Christian environment, but what myself and other friends experienced was the opposite.
The application experience with the admission was terrible! Low efficient counselor, rude staff and mangled system.
ACU seems great with its ranking, however, during the application process, counselors blamed the wrong amount of scholarship on the system. Plus, after the Honors college application deadline, the school required people who had already send the recommendation letters to resend it cuz of a system issue. After all this, I totally regret applying for it so I ask for enrollment deposit refund, which is $350 .The admission counselor never replied email for until April 29th, which is almost a month late after I sent the email for deposit refund. They never give the deposit back and there is no way counselor can be in touch with.
I am going to be attending the school for cross country and track for the next four years and was so pleased with my visit to the campus. The counselors were genuinely involved to help you succeed in the major of your choice. The Diversity was lacking, but my soon to be team was so open to me and welcomed me in that I cannot wait to call Abilene home.