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ACU has a very strong community, both between students and between students and teachers. Teachers are very patient and are very approachable and helpful. It's a place filled with many different kind of students were anyone can find their place.
Not only was my academic experience good, but so was my social life and my spiritual life as well. I met my very best friends in my dorm hall and inside the classroom. Professors are very understanding and will do anything and everything to work with you. The only problem I faced my freshman year was curfew at 12. It's reasonable, however, I had never had that kind of rule before college, therefore, it took some getting used to. Besides that, everything has been great. I love the environment, the food, study materials, financial aid, etc.
From the moment i stepped foot on campus on visitation day i already knew that this was where i wanted to spend the next four years of my life. The staff and professors are so heartwarming and are gladly willing to help you with your transition from high school to college and are also very open minded to helping you with school work, life and any other confrontation you may have. I have met so many amazing friends that will last a lifetime and that will always encourage me when i feel lonely or sad. I will always be proud to be a Wildcat. #Scratchem!!!
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I would like to see more diversity on the campus, to connect the campus together. I do like the Christian atmosphere because I’m a Christian. And so i like the feeling on campus that i get here
When I toured Abilene Christian University I felt as though it was home. I am planning on being a music education major, and what I saw within the campus was amazing to me. I think the staff that was on campus was amazing and friendly. This is why I will be attending Abilene Christian University in the upcoming fall 2018 semester. There is not really anything that would change my mind on what I would want out of a university. There is nothing that would make me want to transfer out of this, I have completely fallen in love with this school.
The University has a great close-knit atmosphere. With around 5,000 students, it is easy to meet and form close connections with so many people that you see every day. Class sizes are small which allows for lots of professor-student interactions on a daily basis. All of the Professors here that I have met have been genuinely concerned and involved in their student's success at this university and even help to facilitate success when a student expresses the desire to leave ACU to continue their education elsewhere.
Abilene Christian University is a very welcoming community with great professors and staff. I can tell I have already made life-long friendships and I am only a freshman here. Even though the tuition is higher than most schools, I believe it will pay off in the long run as the academic program here is outstanding.
Abilene Christian is beautiful private college that is located in Abilene, TX. I went there on a visit for football and i absolutely loved it. The campus is kinda old school but very nice. They also just renovated a new football stadium which i also got to play my last high school football game at.
Although it does not have the sense of awe that some state schools possess, ACU does a fantastic job at preparing its students for a life of purpose and success. The facilities have recently been renovated and the campus as never looked as good. Unlike other schools, the class sizes are manageable which gives you a chance to develop actual relationships with your professors. The connections that the university has are just as good as the most well-known schools. Companies and graduate schools across the country recruit for internships and jobs year round so for the ambitious there are opportunities out there. Like anything, you get out what you put in and ACU has a lot to offer.
I think that this school was very good academic wise, but not so much culture wise. The classes I took were difficult, but they helped prepare me for physician assistant school. The teachers were excellent because they were always open to help. The only negative with the school is how they enforce their beliefs in the school. I understand this is a christian school, but some people did not pick this school based on religious reasons. Some people picked this school for the education and scholarships they would received. I think it is unfair to not allow LGBT students to not be able to work on campus to help pay for their education. I also don't think it is fair to tell students where they cannot work outside of campus.
Great professors who are very approachable and in-touch with their students. Advisers are great and extremely helpful from beginning to the end of the program.
The Christian atmosphere is the best. Professors are also very helpful. I have many friends who attend ACU.
The campus is very beautiful and clean. However, I do not get a feel for the Liberal Arts side of the college. I feel it is very one sided in the beliefs and there is no room to explore.
Definitely the friendliest campus I have ever been on. The student body is easy to get to know, as well as your professors since the class sizes are small. It can be a pain living on campus for the first couple years, but you get to know fellow residents really well.
I have attended other universities and ACU is by far the best. Professors that actually care about you and help you survive the transition from highschool to college.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at ACU. As a freshman, I was terrified of starting my life away from home, but the students and staff at ACU helped me feel welcomed and included. Though I feel there are limited things for freshman to get involved in, this has allowed the transition from high school to college go smoother.
Since ACU is in a nice suburban town, I feel very nice and people are really nice. Plus, they have a great program for military children.
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Amazing pre-med program! Great small campus that's easy to navigate. The professors love one-on-one time and get to know each student. Small class size, lots of help.
The school is very small. It’s so small that you’ll see the same group of people at LEAST 3 times a day. The school feels like a community.
Mann... ACU is an excellent university. The number of students per classes is small that it'll make it so easy for you to learn the material fast and also know your professors. The other good thing is that it's a Christ centered university, so if you want to grow spiritually, then I'll recommend it. All the professors, counselors, advisers, etc.. care about you and will assist you no matter what.
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