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I am going into my freshman year and so far everyone I have met was very sweet. The campus is beautiful! My family and I love it!
The campus at Abilene Christian very nice, with people who are very in touch with their Christian values. From chapel in Moody Coliseum to the athletic events, ACU always provides an easy way to get plugged into a social group. The athletic teams have become very prominent in their conferences in recent years since moving to division 1 status. The dorm situation for freshman is hit or miss, some individuals have been blessed with outstanding roommates and living situations. On the other hand however there are individuals who come to this university who are not the best of folks which is to be expected. If you want to have a relationship or be apart of a party scene this university is not for you at least as a freshman or sophomore.
I think it’s a great school but for someone who isn’t from Texas I found it very difficult to relate to people there.
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I love the professors and the actual education environment. I do not feel as if my large amount of tuition, goes to anything helpful. The dorms are awful and so dated. Many classrooms are dated. There is barely any parking, with the number of students and money, they should build a parking garage. The college forces students to get chapel credits.. while that's not a bad thing, many students do not take it seriously and are on their phones or computers in chapel. When we are required an absurd amount of credits, it is very difficult to find time to meed to requirement and balance the only hour of free time and lunch. There have been reports of theft, car break-ins and discomfort from people who come onto our open campus, especially in the library. My friend had her backpack, laptop, and wallet stolen in the library from a convicted felon! Security needs to be more or a priority!
Abilene Christian University is a great university helping young Godly kids continue on with their education, as well as helping them stay connected to God. As young kids finish high school they loose their faith and fall into the wrong crowds when going here youll get the education you need to get the degree you want as well as keep you in a safe non toxic enviorment keeping you connected to God as you go through you walk. Most young youth want to go out and party for those who want to continue to persue Christ and go to school and not have to worry about everyone around you telling you he doesnt exist or hes not real then this is the college for you.
Abilene Christian University has such a welcoming environment from their staff to their students. Every time I visit I have a great time and always make new friends. No one is rude or judgmental in any way and everyone is very helpful. Chapel is a great experience that everyone should experience in their life. It's a great time to connect with other students through faith. Also The Bean (cafeteria) has amazing options for food and you can tell everything is fresh!
On my first visit to Abilene Christian University, i knew that this was the college for me. The campus is absolutely stunning and the students that you can find walking the sidewalks are super nice. This school seems to have everything you could ever want at a college. Everything from the Famous Bean cafeteria to the amazing gym that is open to the students. It is all there for the students use, that is somthing that you cant find at most colleges.
I love the environment the chapel really helps you grow closer to God. The class room size is kind of small so it helps you get a little one on one with your teachers. Everything on campus is pretty close nothing is really to far. The campus activities really give you a chance to connect and meet new people all the time. There are many avenues to help you be successful such as the tutors, the writers workshop if you are working on an essay and your professors themselves.
Abilene Christian is a very caring and friendly atmosphere. It is very easy to get involved and grow your faith in Christ. The classes are taught by passionate and intelligent professors. My largest complaint is the massive amount of money this school has you pay for housing and food that is much lower quality than what you're paying for.
I like the midnight worships that are held by the school. The location of the school is great, it's a short drive to all my favorite places. Parking is an issue. The school's cafeteria offers the same food over and over again. The minimum chapel requirements are a bit excessive.
There is no other school like ACU. The traditions run deep and the connections are lasting. The community at ACU is encouraging and Chirst-centered. The professors work to develop deep relationships with students and are quick to open up their homes as well as pray over students. The faculty want their students to succeed and are open to working with students to achieve their goals. There are many opportunities to get as invested in the school as you desire. With an array of organizations to choose from, Student Life is wiling to create new organizations as well. With the encouragement of student and staff, I have found myself taking initiative in things I never saw myself ever doing and have felt challenged to grow in my walk with Christ. ACU is a welcoming university that I cannot find a flaw in.
Abilene Christian University is a great and efficient University for students that are looking to further their career and get closer to God. Campus and student life have a very positive feeling and the professors and advisers are very present and helpful. Walking around campus, there are constant reminders that God is with you, which for me is very important and uplifting.
I liked the campus a lot. The campus was clean and tidy there was no dirty area. I felt very comfortable being there on the campus as if I was at home so when I go to college I don´t believe I will be home sick or miss home as much.
I saw the students and was impresses by the way they are to each other. People treat each other like family and I loved to see that.
The environment there is one in a million. The professors, and students really do care about you. From the moment I moved in I knew that I was at home. Wildcat week made me feel as I was surrounded by people just like me, allowing us to connect deeply.
I really like how small and untied ACU is and it really feels like home away from home. The faith is amazing and it makes me want to become a better version of me
I enjoy my experience at ACU, there are many ways spiritually, physically, and mentally this college prepares you for success throughout the time here and when you graduate.
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I love the environment of ACU. The professors care about you and your grades. Class sizes are normally small and conversation is of good acedemic learning. My sciences classes have great labs that are new. I also have found a community of people that can help me grow spiritually and mentally.
Abilene Christian University is a God-based University that focuses on incorporating christian principles into its academics. This university is my first choice college and I am excited to have the opportunity to attend.
I absolutely love ACU. The staff, professors, and students are all such wonderful and uplifting individuals. Not only do they care for your education, but they care for you on a personal level as well.
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