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I love the small atmosphere and community. Majority of people both students and staff know one another. The academics are excellent. The university does a very good job at connecting you with professionals in your desired field and shadow and or intern positions.
It is a Christian college, dont forget. You have to get a certain amount of chapel credits each semester, which feels ridiculous. The faculty is generally nice and wants to help. However, there are a few that dont know what they are talking about. Overall, not a bad school, but not great either
Would get rid of the Bridge Scholars Program until it can be administered in a better manner. I decided to transfer out because it was going to leave me behind my intended graduation date. Now I am still behind at the university I am going to attend in the fall.
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The employees are extremely helpful in admissions and financial aid. Also, if you have questions, they are quick to response and help finding a solution.
I love the strong communication and compassion from professors; however, I wish that fraternities and sororities did not depict whether students have a social life or not.
I've gone to Abilene Christian University for a year now and I intend on getting my bachelors degree here. In the beginning when I was looking for a university after high school ACU came up so I went to visit and absolutely fell in love. ACU has a great community that you can really feel when you talk to any of the staff or professors of the university. Although ACU can be a bit pricey it is totally worth it. Throughout this one year of being there I've learned spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and I have everyone I have met to thank.
I haven't started college just yet but the few times that I have been to events and on campus have be wonderful. I can't wait to start this far!
Abilene Christian University is a very unique school in that it is an NCAA Division 1 school, however has the feel of a small, personal-level school. It offers the big athletics and academics while providing a safe, christian-enriched environment. The professors commonly know the students by name and the students feel very taken care of.
I love attending Abilene Christian University. During my time there, I have found the faculty and staff helpful and kind; the people at ACU truly care about each student and work to make their college experience the best it can be. The professors are engaging and often seek to include interesting discussions into class time. Like at any school, however, there can always be improvements made for the betterment of the student body. I believe one big change that can be made at ACU involves resident life. Both the resident assistants and individual resident directors need to do a better job of immediately assisting with any issues students have within the dorms.
It was a good school but it cost a lot and now I am loaded in debt. It was a really intentional school where professors were so friendly and often invited us to their homes. You get to build actual relationships with the faculty and staff and you make friends that will last for a lifetime.
I enjoy Abilene Christian University so much! There are lot of friendly people that you will meet on campus, the professors are great and they want to know you personally, we have a beautiful campus, and a great wellness center that is well established. The only problem is that because Abilene is a small city, do not expect big attractions like Austin or Dallas has. But it is beautiful and fun here in Abilene!
I like the overall atmosphere and my classes. They need to work on their conflict resolution training for their residence advisors.
I love the small atmosphere at Abilene Christian University. Growing up in a small town, Abilene Christian feels just like home to me. However I would change the amount of money they invest. They are building a huge football stadium. I believe the is not fair because they should invest that money into scholarships to help students finance the rest of college.
Abilene Christian University is a great college with many great opportunities. They really make sure that students are involved with events going on and help them have fun while still going to school.
Abilene Christian University is an amazing college to build a relationship with Christ, friends and even professors. There is a very strong sense of community on campus. It is so easy to find a friendly face. Aside from social settings, the academic quality is very well worth the price. Education is my number one priority and I feel that everything I have learned has real world application as well as a correlation with a Christian faith.
ACU is an amazing place for students looking for a community that cares about it students and that genuinely supports students in any endeavors they desire. Whether it be academic, social, or extracurricular, ACU gives it's all to its students.
ACU is a great school! Being an out of state student is intimidating, but ACU makes it easy to get connected, and I'm so thankful for the college experience I've had so far. The academics are rigorous, but the professors actually care about you and I have weekly meetings with my professors to go over things and get help. Abilene can definitely be boring at times, especially freshman year, but joining a social club or getting involved in volunteering or intramurals really changes everything and now I wish I had more free time.
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It is a great school the people there are amazing. It is easy for you to stay focused and it is a great living environment.
I loved the campus and the friendly staff. My professors made a lasting impression on me and my career. I loved getting to know people from all over the nation and the world. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
ACU is a great place to grow and challenge yourself in academics and in faith. The cafeteria is terrible.
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