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Such a great school and now I have a great career with a great company. So glad I didn't get involved with the students that went through that illegal proctor. For any new students that heard about the so called investigation, it is over and nothing was found. And students are still graduating and getting great careers in a wide open profession.
I wish I could turn back time to not go to this school and save my sanity and money
Do not go here. Credits dont transfer and uou waste thousands of dollars and the staff harassed students.
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Do not attend this school. It's the biggest waste of mo sh and you can't transfer credits. You waste thousands of dollars.
You can't miss hardly any classes no matter how big your emergency is without getting dropped from the program.
Abdill doesn't have a good standing in the community anymore. I don't want people to know I attended Abdill in fear of people looking down on me.
There are a lot of pointless classes.
Abdill doesn't have connections in the medical field. It takes them weeks to place you on an externship site.
Teachers have no experience teaching.
Abdill is mediocre at best.
its fast pace lots of homework due in a short amount of time so you need to be on your A game.
Not a lot of phleb. students there anymore.
its very small but you don't really need resources here.
There is no career center. you are not guaranteed job placement afterwards.
You can only miss a few days without getting dropped, doesn't matter how important your situation is.
my dental teacher was good
the second chance school, everyone has kids
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you can not transfer these credits anywhere, they are only good for this school.
The office staff seem to be very confused with how to manage paper work, and make sure things run smoothly. Unorganized, the rules are not in forced.
school was my main priorty
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