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My credits are transferable and my advisor works very close with me in planning my future school transfer
If I could do it all over again, I would still choose ANC because of all the friendly and helpful support I recieve from all the faculty.
The Education is one of a kind with the inclusion of Native Ameican culture
Review Aaniiih Nakoda College
The Student Body is very friendly and the acceptance level is high
You cannot beat the price of his school's tuition; the education quality is great and credits are transferable.
Students recieve Native American viewpoints and aspects in addition, which makes the college one of a kind.
The Instructor to student ratio is great, you are not treated as just another student or number
The faculty is really supportive and all truly want the students to succeed; you're always treated as a person not just a number.
Being an Allied Health major calls for lots of study time, and you must have great attendence!
If you ask for help, you will get it here. Everyone is super helpful, and all the attention is focused on the student and their education.
There is alot of information on how to continue your education!
The instructors are very helpful! Never be afraid to ask for help!
I love attending this college, because the teachers are very flexible! I have a toddler, and the faculty understands how it is, when your a single mother attending college!
The Student Body here at Aaniih Nakoda College, is very friendly. When I returned to this campus, I was very nervous about continuing my education, but the people I have encountered were very friendly and helped me with any questions that I had had.
The library is always open to students and it's also open early so you can always finish a paper or essay in the morning before class.
It's good to have a nice and quite place to study.
My experience here was a good one.
Review Aaniiih Nakoda College
I actually go to school here, no online classes taken
They are very helpful when it comes to job placement
I like attending the college I am at, I learned quite a few things that will help me on my life journey and I will continue to learn as much as I can, I love having an education.
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