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You’ve Made Your College Decision. Now What?

May 1st. Decision Day. This is such an exciting day for high school seniors! You have finally made your college decision and that is quite the accomplishment. All those years of hard work have finally paid off. However, the day after May 1st is May 2nd, and this can be when you start to feel lost.

You have spent years touring, researching, building your resume, applying, and interviewing for colleges. You have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. You finally reached your goal and are left wondering what to do with yourself. Now, you feel aimless and you are unsure of how to allocate your time. It is one of the strangest feelings. You feel happy with your choice but you do not know what to feel excited about now. 

To avoid feeling let down as badly as I did, I have created a list of ways to keep you busy and excited until you start college:

Start researching your college.

You probably think you have already done so, but researching your college is different as a student versus a prospective student. Start looking at clubs you would want to join and reach out to them about joining in the fall. Explore Greek life options at school and see if there are any sororities or fraternities you could see yourself rushing.

Look at the different dining halls’ menus on campus. Trust me, eating food you actually like makes a big difference in your overall happiness. Take a look at the athletics calendar to get an idea of which sporting events are coming up that you do not want to miss. Try to picture what your typical day would look like at your new college.

Find The College Where You Belong

Plan your dorm room.

A great way to spend some time is to start thinking about what you want your dorm to look like. Try thinking of themes (check out Pinterest!) and doing some online shopping to get an idea of different designs and items you would want. If you know your roommate already, talk to them about coordinating and split what items you will need to buy. 

Research the town or city your school is located in.

While the majority of your time will be spent on campus, it is important to get an idea of what amenities are around you. Research the closest grocery or convenience stores to campus, take a look at what restaurant and food options are nearby, and try to find out what local events (concerts, festivals, markets, etc) are happening that you would want to attend with your friends once school starts.

Create a college budget.

This takes a lot of time to create but is so useful. Figuring out how much you need to spend on dorm supplies, food, clothes, entertainment, etc is very important to living a well-balanced college life. Talking to your parents or a trusted adult to help you plan how much you need to spend and how much you should be saving will make your college transition much easier and less stressful. It may not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but it is definitely important to do. 


Waiting to get into college is exciting, making the decision to go to a college is exciting, and getting ready to attend your college can be exciting, too. There are so many ways to keep yourself busy until the school year begins. Get excited about all the things to come and start thinking about how you will make the most out of your new college experience. 

Author: Rania Kalaaji

Rania Kalaaji is a second year business student at Northeastern University studying marketing and supply chain management. She writes for her school's HerCampus magazine and is very involved in her sorority. In her free time, she enjoys going to sports games, modeling, hanging out with friends, and exploring Boston.