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What To Do In Quarantine This Summer

If you are a high school or college student, you are probably used to having fairly busy summers. Maybe you usually volunteer in your community, maybe you travel, or maybe you work among other normal summer activities such as hanging out with friends and enjoying the warm weather. Summer is always a time that I look forward to being active.  However, as we are under quarantine this summer, being active and busy will look different.

Take an online class!

One way to keep busy this summer is to take an online summer class if your high school or university provides that option. Although studying over the summer seems like the last thing you would want to do, it keeps your mind sharp and allows you to get some extra credits to open up more space in your schedule moving forward. Taking summer classes is a good strategy to kill some time and will surely keep you busy. Furthermore, it is a great way to be productive and feel like you are doing something good for yourself without having to break any social distancing rules.

Try new hobbies or delve deeper into current ones.

If summer classes are not an option, having all this free time is a great opportunity to find some new hobbies or start a business. Maybe you have always wanted to try yoga but have never had the time to really get into it before. Maybe you really enjoy cooking and have a list of recipes you have been wanting to test. Maybe you have had this amazing business idea that you have been wanting to explore but have not had enough time to make it happen. Now is your chance!

Find The College Where You Belong

While many of us, myself included, are finding quarantine quite boring and have already binged about five Netflix shows, we have been given the gift of time to explore and create new hobbies and ideas. Think about the things you have been putting off due to lack of time and brainstorm some ideas you would like to try. It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the free time we now have.

Apply for a virtual internship or job.

Another way you can keep busy this summer is by trying to find jobs and internships that you can do virtually. There are many online jobs that high school and college students can have. Some of these jobs include: online tutoring, freelance writing, social media marketing, web development, data entry, and graphic designing. The pay for these jobs vary but since you no longer can work your usual summer lifeguarding job, I would say this is a nice alternative to no work at all. Through these jobs you will be able to develop and build new skills while adding to your resume. College admissions officers and potential employers will love that you were able to take a hard situation and make something out of it.

To recap, this summer is not the summer any of us saw coming or had hoped for. This is no doubt an extremely challenging time for everyone, and finding ways to fill your time is not easy. As high school and college students, we are always used to being on-the-go and usually have packed days planned for ourselves. Not being able to continue those usual plans is a shock to the system, but it is important to realize that there are still ways to fill your time and challenge yourself even if it is not how you originally thought you would this summer. 

Author: Rania Kalaaji

Rania Kalaaji is a second year business student at Northeastern University studying marketing and supply chain management. She writes for her school's HerCampus magazine and is very involved in her sorority. In her free time, she enjoys going to sports games, modeling, hanging out with friends, and exploring Boston.