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What It’s Like Going to College in a Big City

As a small-town girl, I was excited to step out of my comfort zone and experience living in a big city for college. Northeastern University was the perfect choice for me as it is located right in the city of Boston. What I have learned since attending school here is going to school in a big city comes with a plethora of great opportunities.

I would like to start out by describing the amenities that a big city offers. There are tons of amazing food options in a big city! Any kind of food you want from Italian to Asian is located in a big city (and right near campus). Having good food options around campus is not to be overlooked when you get tired of the same dining hall food your school offers everyday. As a college student, I know budgets can be tight. However, cities offer many wonderful shopping experiences for all wallet sizes, and window shopping can also be a fun way to pass time when you have great stores to look at.

Next, a big city offers plenty to do. From museums to professional sports games and everything in between, being a college student in a big city is never boring. If you are like me and enjoy concerts, you are in luck! Many major artists stop in big cities on their tour. Thus, you will always be privy to the best live music out there. I have been very fortunate to have seen artists like The Chainsmokers and Logic while attending school in Boston.

Now to some more practical conveniences. Big cities often have premier health facilities for when you are ill and need medical attention. Many retail and department stores are close by if you need to pick up anything, and public transportation is convenient to help you get anywhere you want to go. Ride-sharing companies are also almost always available any time of the day or night. In addition, major cities usually have major airports, which is incredibly convenient if you are going to school out-of-state and want to visit home or if you want to travel anywhere in general. I feel like these practicalities are often overlooked when searching for colleges to attend, but they are extremely important to consider.

Going to college in a big city is truly a great experience. With so many things to do and many amenities being offered so close to campus, college life can be really exciting and very convenient at the same time. While campus offers a wonderful community and many campus activities, it is good to be able to get off campus every now and then and try new things when you want. If you love the “buzz” of city life, going to college in a city will provide the energy you crave!

Author: Rania Kalaaji

Rania Kalaaji is a second year business student at Northeastern University studying marketing and supply chain management. She writes for her school's HerCampus magazine and is very involved in her sorority. In her free time, she enjoys going to sports games, modeling, hanging out with friends, and exploring Boston.