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What Is a High School GPA?

There are few concepts that feel so important yet so confusing to most high school freshmen than that of the GPA. Standing for “grade point average,” your GPA is a black-and-white summary of your academic achievements.

Dual Enrollment vs. AP Classes: Why I Think Dual Enrollment is Better

Dual enrollment happens when a student is enrolled at two academic institutions simultaneously, typically a high school and a college. There are some high schools like the one I attended (Brooklyn College Academy) that are affiliated with a college where a program has already been established for students to take college classes as part of their high school requirement.

7 Ways To Get Involved Freshman Year of High School

While, inevitably, there will be nerves and challenges involved as you get accustomed to your high school and find your people and routine, there are certain ways to make getting involved in your high school easier. Here are seven of those ways: 

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer as a Student

Summer is the perfect time for this! During this time you can explore your interests outside the classroom and attain valuable experiences as a student. Rest assured that doing so does not have to take away too much time from having fun in the sun during your summer vacation.

Three Long-Term Benefits of Early College Programs

Early college programs were designed to provide high school students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education to earn an associate degree or up to two years of college credit to help them pursue their future endeavors.