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4 Ways Music Boarding Schools Prepare You to Excel in College and Beyond

Music boarding schools enable you to focus deeply on your craft, building a firm technical, artistic, and personal foundation in areas of study such as Classical Performance, Composition, Popular Performance, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Music Production & Engineering, and more that will give you an edge in your college or conservatory auditions and propel you to a successful and fulfilling career.

How to Write a High School Student Resume

Even if they don’t explicitly list it in the job posting, a resume is essential to be taken seriously and hired. This is where many encounter a problem–how are you supposed to gain experience if you don’t have any experience?

How to Prepare for a Career in Law as a High Schooler

So, you want to pursue a career in law? Whether your decision comes from an urge to advocate for those in need or comes from binge watching legal dramas like “Law & Order ” and “Better Call Saul,” law is an excellent career choice for those with a strong sense of justice.

What Is a High School GPA?

There are few concepts that feel so important yet so confusing to most high school freshmen than that of the GPA. Standing for “grade point average,” your GPA is a black-and-white summary of your academic achievements.

Dual Enrollment vs. AP Classes: Why I Think Dual Enrollment is Better

Dual enrollment happens when a student is enrolled at two academic institutions simultaneously, typically a high school and a college. There are some high schools like the one I attended (Brooklyn College Academy) that are affiliated with a college where a program has already been established for students to take college classes as part of their high school requirement.