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How Campus Visits Helped Me Pick the Right College

As a first generation college student, I had very little guidance when it came to the college application process. I didn’t even think I had a chance at getting accepted into an out of state college, much less being able to afford the tuition and dorm costs of one.

9 Things to Check Out During a College Visit

Seeing a school is a golden opportunity that some students do not have the opportunity to take advantage of. When it comes to “Why Us” essays and other supplements, interviews, and even making a final decision, the school visit can be the icing on the cake if utilized right, so why not see the little things that matter to you?

I Visited 20+ Colleges – Here’s What I Learned

Summer is the perfect time to check some college visits off your list. Figuring out which schools to visit along with the entire college application process can be stressful. I know it definitely was for me.

9 Steps to Get Organized for Spring College Visits

One of the most fun parts of the college search journey involves college visits. Here’s how you can get your calendar organized, get every family member on board and how to get ready (and pack!) for spring visits.