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6 Colleges for People Obsessed with Snow

Put your holiday music playlist on repeat. Refill that mug of hot chocolate. And get that application started. We’re naming some of the best places for snow lovers to attend college in the United States.

4 No-Brainer Ways to Save Money in College

When you’re already stretched thin and roughing it on your own for the first time, it’s pretty common to face financial woes. You may even have to sacrifice certain luxuries you were used to just to come up with enough cash to cover the basics. The scramble can be unnerving and yet rewarding.

Student Discounts You Absolutely Can’t Pass Up

When it comes to perfecting your fit, developing your computer skills or protecting your ride, you’re expenses don’t have to break the bank. Follow our sage advice and pad your wallet with the best student discounts.

Give the Gift of Positivity in a Global Pandemic

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re opting into positivity and rounding out the year with a giving heart. With Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays coming up quickly in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s arguably more important now than ever due to spread seasonal some cheer.

How to Help and Uplift People in Need

Human Rights Day calls upon all of us to help one another in times of need. Whether you’re looking to volunteer for a few days or you’d like to start a regular practice, many top human rights organizations have made their home on college campuses or nearby, making them convenient options for college students to give back.

5 Advantages of Going to College in a Rural Area

Rural colleges are located in the countryside, away from major cities. Rural areas typically have low population densities and are found near small towns or farming communities. Nature lovers, students interested in careers in the outdoors, or those who prefer small and familiar groups of people may enjoy life at a rural college.

How to Crush That Online Test

Digital note taking, Zoom-ing and virtual lectures may feel routine by now but taking high-stakes exams like midterms and finals in an online setting can be challenging. Four simple steps can help your prepare and feel focused for a big test.