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How To Write The “Why This College” Essay

“Why this college” essays are designed for students to demonstrate their interest and passion for the school community they are applying to. It allows admission officers to picture the student on campus.

10 College Admissions Essay Ideas to Inspire You

Whatever the case, these college application essay topics are based on the Common App essay topics from previous years, so it’s possible you could find one close enough to a selected topic to use for your essay!

College Admissions Essay Topics, Tips, and Tricks

The college admissions essay is your chance to showcase who you are as a person and why you stand out. It’s the opportunity for you to share your story and how it’s helped shape you into the person you are today. 

Writing Your Personal Statement: A Crash Course

Oftentimes, people feel like they either need some dramatic pity story or an insane accomplishment for their Common App essay. But this isn’t true! Your essay is less about what you achieved and more about your personality and things that you can’t put on your resume. It’s about who you are as a person.