Niche Resources
How to Meet with Your High School Counselor 

Here you’ll find information about how best to be prepared to meet with your college/career counselor so that they can help you achieve your goals. They were really helpful when I was going through the college application process.

What Is Direct Admissions?

Direct admissions is all about colleges coming to students instead of the other way around. If a college knows they would welcome a student like you based on your grades and other credentials, you shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to get in.

All About Guaranteed Transfer Agreements

The agreement is a partnership between a select number of public and private 4-year universities and community colleges where those graduating with their Associate’s Degree can transition into a university and receive their Bachelor’s Degree. 31 states have colleges participating in this agreement.

How To Test Better: Hacks From a 1590 SAT Tester

Big tests can be incredibly stressful! From AP exams to SATs to ACTs, students often experience testing day anxiety. I know I did, so here are a few tricks that helped me feel more confident the day of testing.