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Time Management Tips for Online Students

I think most students can say that right now is not an easy time. Given the state of the world, we have no choice but to comply with restrictions on our education. Staying inside and washing hands is of utmost importance, but our education is important as well. Now that education is online, how do we transition from one reality to another? 

There is no easy answer. For many of us, this is the first time we’ve done online learning. Unless you were homeschooled, you have no idea how to navigate platforms like Zoom or learn Macroeconomics through videos and online modules. If you’re anything like me, you have a really hard time focusing at home to complete said assignments. 

With all the time in the world, how do we manage it? Why should you manage your time if there seems to be an unlimited amount? Well, that’s the first problem. As busy college students, we finally have so much time on our hands, it’s a scary thought to think we’re wasting it looking at a computer screen in our old bedroom all day. Personally, I become fidgety, and it takes me way too long to complete brief tasks. However, from trial and error, I have a few tips that have helped me stay on track (and sane). 

Set an intention for the day.

Whether it’s  “draft a paper” or “read chapter 10,” knowing you have at least one goal for the day can keep you productive and working towards something. Even if you get less than half of the things done that you needed to, it’s satisfying ending your day knowing you completed your main goal. I suggest writing this down in the morning. 

Free write.

Journaling is definitely not for everyone, but I have recently turned to it during breaks. Stopping your work for 10 minutes to brain dump keeps your brain active and refreshes your thoughts. A clear mind is a productive mind!

Put your phone away.

This one is the most helpful. The temptation to scroll has only increased with nothing else to do. However, your work is very real and needs to be done. I have been leaving my phone in a different room in order to stifle my impulse to scroll. If it’s in another room, you’re less likely pick it up only to look at Instagram or Snapchat. The longer you are away from the phone, the faster you can finish your work and go watch that Buzzfeed Tasty video. 

Schedule Everything.

This last one may seem tedious, but it can work if you’re feeling totally off. Before you go to bed, map out a schedule for your day. Everything and anything you need to do, plan it and write it down. Use different colors, highlight different times, whatever helps you. Creating some sense of schedule can help you get into a routine and make this process just a bit easier. 


I hope these tips work! They’ve definitely helped me so far with surviving this weird time.

Author: Madaline King

Hey! I am Maddy King and I am a first year Acting major at Penn State School of Theatre. I have loved performing since I was a kid, so I am really grateful to be studying it in college. Besides theatre, I love to read, listen to true crime podcasts, ice skate, paddle board, and drink good tea.