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This Fun Math Game Might Be the Answer to Keeping Your Kid’s Math Skills Up

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With summer upon us, parents need creative solutions for retaining (and even improving upon) the academic work their kiddos have put in over the last nine months. The “Summer Slide” is all too real, so how can we help kids avoid the two months of learning loss the average student experiences during the break?

One way to help your child stay sharp over the summer (and even during the school year) is to find an online learning resource that works well for your family’s unique lifestyle. Online learning resources make education significantly more accessible and affordable to families. They can also greatly enhance a student’s skills and confidence, particularly when it comes to math. Here are some of the important benefits:

  1. They build confidence. For many students, math is intimidating. But putting in some practice while no one is looking over your shoulder can take much of that anxiety away. Online learning resources allow students a safe place to make mistakes in private, without the fear of ‘being wrong’ in front of peers or teachers. This ability for a child to practice and learn at their own pace builds confidence – confidence that will transfer to their classroom
  2. They’re fun. Here’s a secret: Online, interactive learning resources, at their core, should be fun, and filled with games and adventures. Many include entertaining characters and plots, and tell a story that draws the student in. When students feel like part of the lesson and are actively engaging in the learning process, they enjoy the experience more.  Even better, they will actually start embracing the challenges/struggles that are inherently involved with learning.
  3. They’re convenient. Let’s face it … we’re all super busy these days! When deciding on the best after-school or summer programs for your kids, you must take your time into consideration, too. If you can avoid driving to a tutor’s home or a local learning center (where your kiddo will likely work with a part-time high schooler, anyways), you will save yourself several hours every week. (Let’s not even attempt to calculate the number of headaches you’ll save or the parking tickets you’ll avoid!) Making life easy on you and your family will go a long way in creating a balanced lifestyle.

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