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The Do’s and Don’ts of Transfer Applications

Transferring schools is like tackling a beast. From essays, sending transcripts, recommendations, and college reports, it can be an overwhelming process depending on how many schools you are applying to.

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Community College First

Forgoing a four-year college experience as a freshman can be a tough decision. But for one student, it was an easy one. It saved him money, still gave him lots of extracurricular opportunities and gave him a chance to improve his academic standing (and earn a full-ride!).

First-Gen Convos: Forging Ahead with Keyoni Furnace

Navigating the college landscape is tough, even tougher if you’re a first-gen student. But with ample support from her partner and advisors, Keyoni is on her way to transferring from a two-year to four-year college and earning her law degree.