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How To Test Better: Hacks From a 1590 SAT Tester

Big tests can be incredibly stressful! From AP exams to SATs to ACTs, students often experience testing day anxiety. I know I did, so here are a few tricks that helped me feel more confident the day of testing.

5 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Score on the SAT Math Section

The math section of the SAT is probably the most strategy-based section of the SAT. While the reading section depends a lot on your ability to read and understand the contents of a passage, your score on the math section is really just dependent on a lot of practice!

8 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Score on the SAT Reading Section

The reading section of the SAT is apparently meant to “assess how ready you are to read and interpret the kinds of texts you’re likely to encounter in college and career.” Not only is it one of the most dreaded, but students also tend to find it one of the most difficult.

How to Prepare (and Also Not Care?) About the SAT

High school students have long stressed over the SATs. But the admissions landscape is changing, and so are attitudes about standardized testing. So we’re covering a few ways to prepare for and not freak out over SAT testing.