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How to Crush That Online Test

Digital note taking, Zoom-ing and virtual lectures may feel routine by now but taking high-stakes exams like midterms and finals in an online setting can be challenging. Four simple steps can help your prepare and feel focused for a big test.

Dartmouth in the Age of COVID-19

My day begins at the sound of my 9:30 a.m. alarm blaring on my iPhone. In my two room double, with no roommates to bother, I let the sound echo throughout the room for a few minutes before I drag myself out of bed, grab my shower caddy and head to the fourth floor girls bathroom. Bathroom policy during COVID-19 allows only one person in the room at a time—despite the two stalls, two showers and two sinks.

Take Control of Time: Tips For Crushing Online Classes

Online learning has posed plenty of challenges for college students, including how to execute proper time management. Two experts give their professional advice on how to manage time, stay focused and succeed in a digital learning environment.

Leveraging the Digital World to Stay Connected IRL

Maintaining a social life, cultivating your skill set and broadening your professional connections can—believe or not—thrive in the digital world. Follow our few simple steps for staying connected with virtual meetups, events and learning opportunities.

Self-Care in the Era of Wake, Zoom, Sleep, Repeat

Trading in-person, on-campus courses for at-home Zoom classes has been challenging for many college students. Hear from a Niche ambassador on ways to stay motivated, stay positive and stay healthy when they’re not always the easiest things to do.