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4 Ways Music Boarding Schools Prepare You to Excel in College and Beyond

Music boarding schools enable you to focus deeply on your craft, building a firm technical, artistic, and personal foundation in areas of study such as Classical Performance, Composition, Popular Performance, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Music Production & Engineering, and more that will give you an edge in your college or conservatory auditions and propel you to a successful and fulfilling career.

What My First Month As A Music Major Was Really Like

Not only do I have to handle an unforgiving workload that is now presented in person rather than online, but I also have to handle the challenges of being a first time on-campus student maneuvering buses, understanding the dining hall, and finding my classes.

Debunking 5 Myths of Being a Music Major

As someone majoring in music education, many of the obstacles I’ve encountered were myths about the career I wanted to pursue. Not only did the judgment come from the outside world, but it also was internalized within myself due to the values instilled in me by other people.