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I Visited 20+ Colleges – Here’s What I Learned

Summer is the perfect time to check some college visits off your list. Figuring out which schools to visit along with the entire college application process can be stressful. I know it definitely was for me.

9 Steps to Get Organized for Spring College Visits

One of the most fun parts of the college search journey involves college visits. Here’s how you can get your calendar organized, get every family member on board and how to get ready (and pack!) for spring visits.

Juniors, Now’s the Time to Schedule Your College Visits

College visits are crucial to understanding whether a school that looks good on paper is truly a good fit in person. In this how-to guide, we explain how juniors can start the college visit process now and begin the path to finding their niche.

Juniors & Seniors: Make the Most of Holiday Break

You may feel tempted to sliiiiide into 2021 with a combination of pecan pie, Netflix and snoozing, but know that this is the time to tackle what’s important to you during the college search. Think about the tasks that makes sense for your college search right now, get motivated, then tackle them.