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How I Turned My Freshman Year Around At XULA

I realized that I came to college for me – not for my family, friends, or even the teachers that helped me get there. The late nights of studying, crying, and overruling battles of depression, anxiety, and stress would not matter if I did not commit.

Why You Should Look Into Guaranteed Admissions Programs

These programs go by a variety of names such as early assurance, guaranteed admissions, or BS/MD programs. In summary, they allow for students to gain preliminary acceptance into medical school assuming they meet the individual program’s minimum requirements.

A Student’s Guide to Finding and Utilizing a Mentor 

I have always enjoyed creating, developing, and having a mentor relationship as a mentor and mentee. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I hope to provide some insight and persuade you to not only find a mentor but also to give back and be a good mentor to others. 

How I Conquered My 5 Biggest Fears in College

There are fears both common among all students and specific to some that we all have coming into college. I will be sharing five personal fears I had coming to college and how I overcame them.