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5 Factors To Help You Determine Your Dream College

Finding the right college can be hard. While essays, applications, letters of recommendation, and all else that comes along with applying to college can also be daunting, the most difficult part of the application process often doesn’t arrive until all of this is out of the way: choosing the right school.

Why I Chose an HBCU

In my personal educational experience, and I’m sure many can relate to this, I was always the black sheep amongst the white. Going as far back as elementary school, I experienced racism and discrimination. I understood this concept at an early age because of my experience in a predominantly white elementary school.

My College Search Journey

Everyone has a different way of approaching their college search, but if you are in a position where you are stuck, I am here to offer some insight.

All About the Top 5 HBCUs of 2021

The top 5 ranked HBCUs are leading academic institutions that offer a unique student experience and produce students that become trailblazers in many various professions. 

Why I Chose My HBCU: Howard University

Learning about the rich history of the institution and the long list of notable alumni, I knew that I wouldn’t have the same opportunities if I did not attend an HBCU.

Traditions of the Big Ten Schools

The Big Ten Conference boasts their own traditions in preparation for game day including fight songs, marching bands, and tailgates from each of the schools.