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What Is Direct Admissions?

Direct admissions is all about colleges coming to students instead of the other way around. If a college knows they would welcome a student like you based on your grades and other credentials, you shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to get in.

Pros and Cons of Being a Residential Advisor

The acronym RA to me means so much more than Residential Advisor. RAs to me are superheroes. They wear a variety of hats – from being full time students to having campus jobs and being actively involved in campus organizations to being community builders within residence halls.

What to Consider When Applying to an Honors College

One excellent way to do that is to consider applying to your school’s honors college or program. While there are a few distinctions between the two, honors programs can be a great addition to your education.

5 Best Ways to Pay for College

You’re in high school gearing up for college, and the cost of tuition is still rising. Though this may feel like a doomsday scenario, there are plenty of ways you can tackle the cost of college without breaking the bank.