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Is A Meal Plan Worth It In College?

When it comes to living independently for the first time at college, finding and having access to meals is an important part of the college experience (and survival).

5 Items Worth Investing in for College

There are so many items that students can save on, but there are some that are worth splurging for. Here are some essentials that Niche ambassador Abby thinks everyone should invest in.

5 Questions To Ask Before Taking a Gap Year

Making the decision to take a gap year was nerve-wracking. I felt a range of fears and insecurities, including fearing what others would think, worrying I was getting “behind,” or nervous I was wasting my time.

Why I Changed My Double Major

This semester, I took a chance of changing the latter part of my double major from Professional Writing to Economics. Here are some reasons I decided to make this switch.

3 Tips to Finishing Your Spring Semester Strong

As we approach the end of the spring semester, many of us are finding ourselves having a more difficult time focusing on schoolwork. The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and many of our classes are drawing to a close.