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5 Things You Should Know About Funding Your Education

If you are like most students, paying for college is the scary part of the process because it may seem impossible. Also, the path for everyone may look a little different, but there are still key fundamental things you should know as you take your path.

10 College Admissions Essay Ideas to Inspire You

Whatever the case, these college application essay topics are based on the Common App essay topics from previous years, so it’s possible you could find one close enough to a selected topic to use for your essay!

Dual Enrollment vs. AP Classes: Why I Think Dual Enrollment is Better

Dual enrollment happens when a student is enrolled at two academic institutions simultaneously, typically a high school and a college. There are some high schools like the one I attended (Brooklyn College Academy) that are affiliated with a college where a program has already been established for students to take college classes as part of their high school requirement.

9 Things to Do While Waiting for College Decisions

If you were anything like me after submitting your applications, you are in for a lot of “what ifs” and “should I haves.” While these intrusive thoughts may loom over you, try to remember you did the best you could and made it through an extremely tough process.