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4 Ways Music Boarding Schools Prepare You to Excel in College and Beyond

Music boarding schools enable you to focus deeply on your craft, building a firm technical, artistic, and personal foundation in areas of study such as Classical Performance, Composition, Popular Performance, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Music Production & Engineering, and more that will give you an edge in your college or conservatory auditions and propel you to a successful and fulfilling career.

4 Ways to Find a Boarding School that Prioritizes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In fact, the pillars of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion might outrank all other perks of choosing a boarding school over traditional school. According to this Forbes article, students, teachers, and boarding school grads said “living in a diverse, close knit community was the most important benefit” closely followed by “the opportunity for deep friendships with students from around the world.”

What to Look For in a Boarding School

If you’re just embarking on the boarding school search or have yet to make a decision, here’s a solid starting point for narrowing down the best educational experience for your family.