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Niche Resources
Niche Resources
I Found My Niche at Savannah College of Art and Design

What I love about SCAD is that regardless of whether in person or online, they’re constantly helping you grow. I can attend online sessions with industry professionals, access resources to learn even more about acting, and get to make as many connections as possible.

I Found My Niche at MIT

In full honesty, my time at MIT has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I entered MIT as a pre-med hoping to study biological engineering, but quickly figured out pre-med wasn’t for me.

8 Ways to Live Your Best (Pandemic) Life at College

Yes, this is not how you wanted to college to be, but there are still so many opportunities to make it a great experience. Know that the pandemic will eventually be over if everyone does their part. Remember to appreciate everything and everyone around you. 

Revamp Your Resume with This Quick & Easy Refresher

We all know how important writing a killer resume can be. And we also know just how many resources are out there.

But, lest you forget, here’s a refresher for sounding confident and professional to your next job hunt.