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Master college’s “hidden curriculum” with’s free College Success course

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“I’m sharing everything I wish someone had told me before I showed up on campus.” – College Success instructor Dr. Amy Baldwin

While academics are undoubtedly one of the biggest parts of college, there’s so much more to higher education than lectures and notes. For many people, getting through college mentally, emotionally and financially can seem daunting. With so much to prepare for, where do you start? has an easy, innovative solution for anyone considering taking the next step in their educational journey: a free online course called College Success to teach the so-called “hidden curriculum” that isn’t really taught in schools., from the co-founder of the hugely successful MasterClass, is a company dedicated to providing for-credit online college courses at a fraction of the typical cost. And while College Success features the same on-demand, high quality video lectures Outlier is known for, the entire course is completely free to anyone with Internet access. It isn’t just for incoming or current college freshmen, either — it’s for anyone considering or enrolled in college. First-generation college students, older college students, high schoolers and working adults thinking about going to college will all benefit from the content.

When you sign up for College Success, you get immediate access to three hours of material broken into modules. Topics include how to maximize financial aid, manage time effectively, chart a degree path and future earning potential, as well as tips for forming healthy habits around avoiding procrastination and adapting to a learning mindset. The course content will be updated continuously, and you’ll have lifetime access to all material after you sign up.

The initial instructors bring years of experience and a deep knowledge of their subject matter to their modules. Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope (Ph.D) from DePaul University, Author and Productivity Expert Chris Bailey, and Dr. Amy Baldwin (Ed.D) from University of Central Arkansas all provide high-caliber material that you can return to whenever you need. Additional instructors will be joining College Success over time to share their own unique expertise.

College Success was created to guide you through your college experience so you feel supported instead of overwhelmed along the way. No matter what kind of college you choose to attend, it can be a challenge to finance your education, find a routine that works and figure out how to turn your degree into a career. With the help of the instructors of College Success, you’ll be prepared to confront those challenges with confidence.

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