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If the Class of 2020 voted today, who would they vote for?

We asked over 7,000 of this year’s incoming freshman, the high school Class of 2016, to go to the polls and imagine voting right now— who would they choose? Check out the very interesting results of our survey!

out of 7585 respondents

Although Clinton takes the lead with 26% of the vote versus Trump’s mere 10%, about 36% of our respondents are still undecided about who they’d like to see as president.

What about the other candidates?

In addition to the official nominees, we allowed a write-in section for our respondents to fill in with their choices. Here are the results for the third-party and former candidates:

Candidate % of the Vote
Candidate Bernie Sanders
% of the Vote 7.4%
Candidate Gary Johnson
% of the Vote 0.5%
Candidate Jill Stein
% of the Vote 0.2%
Candidate Ted Cruz
% of the Vote 0.1%
Candidate Marco Rubio
% of the Vote 0.1%
Candidate John Kasich
% of the Vote 0.08%

Write-in candidates with an honorable mention:

  • Chuck Norris
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • God
  • Joe Biden
  • Jesus
  • Mickey Mouse (4 votes!)
  • Obama

Demographics of our voters

Results by Race
Candidate African American Asian Hispanic Multiracial Native American White Other
Candidate Donald Trump
African American 2%
Asian 4%
Hispanic 8%
Multiracial 2%
Native American 2%
White 81%
Other 2%
Candidate Hillary Clinton
African American 26%
Asian 12%
Hispanic 24%
Multiracial 5%
Native American 1%
White 31%
Other 1%

According to our results, Trump is most popular among white people, while Hillary’s support is more evenly distributed among the difference races. Besides white people, Hillary’s second highest supporter group is African Americans.  Trumps second-highest supporter group, though drastically smaller, is Hispanics.

Results by Gender

A total of 5864 females and 1682 males took our survey.

Candidate % of Males Who Voted
Candidate Donald Trump
% of Males Who Voted 14%
Candidate Hillary Clinton
% of Males Who Voted 24%
Candidate % of Females Who Voted
Candidate Donald Trump
% of Females Who Voted 9%
Candidate Hillary Clinton
% of Females Who Voted 27%

It’s clear that females much prefer Hillary Clinton, while the percent difference between males who favor Trump and males who favor Hillary is smaller.

Results by Household Income
Candidate Less than $25k $25k-$44k $45k-$74k $75k-$149k $150k or more
Candidate Donald Trump
Less than $25k 11%
$25k-$44k 14%
$45k-$74k 19%
$75k-$149k 28%
$150k or more 12%
Candidate Hillary Clinton
Less than $25k 22%
$25k-$44k 19%
$45k-$74k 16%
$75k-$149k 22%
$150k or more 8%

Trump’s popularity trends in somewhat of a bell curve, showing the largest support in the upper-middle incomes. Hillary’s support is more uniform overall, with higher concentrations of support at the lowest and higher income brackets (with the exception of the $150k+ income bracket, where both candidates show a drop).


Although Clinton takes the lead when up against Trump, it’s important to note that the 30% of students who are undecided (but still planning to vote) could have a major impact in swaying the vote.

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Author: Alex Caffee

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