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I FoundMY Niche at Illinois Wesleyan University

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Student Name: Anna Noga

School: Illinois Wesleyan University

Major: Vocal Performance, Environmental Studies

Hi, my name is Anna Noga. I am a soon to be sophomore here at Illinois Wesleyan University pursuing a Dual Degree in BM for Vocal Performance and BA for Environmental Studies.

At IWU, I have been working around campus as part of the admissions team. I am a part of both choirs this year, as well as a part of many of our registered student organizations. I help out at Peace Garden, am a photographer for Student Senate, and am a freshman class representative for student senate at the School of Music. I am a part of a lot of things on campus, but that’s what I honestly love about this school. You can follow all of your passions while having such a supportive community of amazing staff. IWU makes students feel wanted to be there, and the number of opportunities open for students is mind-blowing. You already have a helpful book of connections your freshman year with the Alumni Engagement Offices. Illinois Wesleyan University is the perfect school for following your passions.


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