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I Found My Niche At Yale

Student Name: JP Ditto

School: Yale

Major: Undecided

“Hiiii! My name is JP Ditto, and I’m a rising sophomore at Yale and member of Yale Men’s Swimming and Diving. As of right now, I am on the pre-med track, but I am undecided on my major.

I grew up in the small town and close-knit community of Carmel, California, where strangers are treated as friends, and friends as family. What led me to chose Yale in the end was the same “small town” sense of unity and warmth in the community that I experienced on my recruiting trip.

As a student-athlete, I anticipated building meaningful bonds with my college teammates, but Yale has exceeded my expectations through its interconnectedness of students from all walks of campus—regardless of interests and associations.

Beyond academics and training, Yale enables me to to develop strong relationships, be it from within my classes, in my residential college, or on my skateboard, crisscrossing around campus.” – @jpditto


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