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I Found My Niche at Wofford College

Emily, a young woman with fair skin and brown curly hair, stands outside against a light pink wall. She wears a pink tank top, jeans, white sneakers, and black glasses. Her eyes are closed and she smiles at the camera.

Student Name: Emily

School: Wofford College

Major: Psychology

“Hi y’all my name is Emily (she/her) and I am a sophomore at Wofford College. I am majoring in psychology.⁠⁠
My freshman year did not start off like I expected. My grandfather was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my grandmother passed away from Covid-19. My mental health was in a really bad place and I started to push my school responsibilities aside. Different members of the faculty and staff at Wofford stepped in when I was placed on academic probation and helped me not only improve my GPA but also helped me get all of my scholarships back. Without their help and motivation, I would not be returning to Wofford this school year.⁠⁠
Wofford College has allowed me to have many opportunities that would not be available to me if I had not been able to become a student here. The faculty and staff care about you and are willing to do anything they can to see you succeed if you want to. I am so thankful for everything Wofford has given me.”⁠⁠ – @emilyyy_ryann

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