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I Found My Niche at Winston-Salem State University

Jessica, a young woman with brown skin and long brown hair, stands outside on the sidewalk. Behind her is a brick wall and greenery. She smiles at the camera over her shoulder and wears sandals, jeans, and a pink tank top.

Student Name: Jessica Sollecito

School: Winston-Salem State University

Major: Nursing

“Hey 😇 My name is Jessica Sollecito and I am a junior at Winston-Salem State University located in North Carolina. I chose Winston-Salem State not only because it is a HBCU but also because the thousands of students there are very welcoming, which makes you feel like you’re a part of a huge family. Most importantly, I chose this school because of the excellent nursing program it has to offer.⁠

Once COVID-19 hit, it definitely changed a lot of things and it was harder to stay focused especially as a nursing major. We’re all trying to maintain during this difficult time. I hope everyone stays safe and I also hope you consider coming to Winston-Salem State university 😊”⁠ – @jess.cito

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