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I Found My Niche at Wheaton College

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Student Name: Sophie

School: Wheaton College

Wheaton creates the space for you to make change and carve your own path within the institution. There is always a seat for you at the table, as long as you’re willing to make the most of it. The staff and professors teach students how to advocate for themselves and others with hopes these skills will be taken and applied throughout one’s education and life. With COVID testing twice a week, a series of precautionary procedures, and the adapted hybrid learning model, we’ve managed to keep COVID-19 cases on campus within the lowest numbers of higher-ed institutions nationwide.⁠

My friends and I spend a great amount of free time exploring the Wheaton Woods, finding old treasures, and building forts. While shopping and stores in town may be limited, the amount of exploration in nature and in activities is endless. At the heart of Wheaton and every Wheaton student is an ever-growing presence of drive. Class discussions are passionate and full of insight.⁠

Our on-campus theme housing provides living spaces for those with similar interests, beliefs, and ways of living. There is Davis House (cultural appreciation), Eco House (Environmental advocacy), Renaissance House (Fems of color), MAD House (Media arts discourse), Art House (Art and design), and Safe House (LGBTQ+), to name a few. Our institution prioritizes helping students find their community and their place just as much as meeting academic wants and needs.⁠

I’m working with the advising department to create my own political film documentarian major with a minor in theatre. I am the student body secretary, a peer advisor, orientation coordinator, Voices United to Jam (R&B and Gospel group) Media director, a marketing/social media intern, and an active participant in the theatre department.⁠

On warmer days students can be found laughing, lounging, and studying in the dimple, a grassy dip surrounded by glorious trees located in the center of campus. For me, what stands out the most about Wheaton is the genuine excitement from both faculty and students over the simple fact that you exist. Community over competition.”—@soapyywaters

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