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I Found My Niche at Western Washington University

Anna, a young woman with light skin and long brown curly hair, takes a selfie in a mirror in a dressing room. Behind her is a black curtain, counters, and other mirrors with round lights. She holds her phone up near her face, looking at its screen out of the corner of her eye, and wears a tan mask, a long white flowy dress, and brown leather straps around her chest.

Student Name: Anna

School: Western Washington University

Major: Theatre, English

“Hey guys! my name is Anna (She/Her) and i’m a sophomore at Western Washington University double majoring in Theatre and English. Transitioning into college was definitely interesting for me. Without getting real closure from high school, it felt weird to move on, and it felt like I wasn’t ready to. But if I’m honest, I don’t think anyone ever feels ‘ready’ so why not just jump in (/get pushed off 😉 )and go for it.⁠

WWU has been so great for me. Initially, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get involved with the theatre community too much due to the classic tale of seniority and freshmen not getting cast. Luckily enough, I was cast in several productions over the year and every time, felt so grateful to be there.⁠

Miss Imposter Syndrome definitely made an appearance but because of the amazing support of everyone in the department I was able to get through it. I love WWU and the people here so very much, go vikings baby! 💙💙⁠” – @_anna.olsen_

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