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I Found My Niche at Western Michigan University

Student Name: Sean Littleton

School: Western Michigan University

Major: Aviation Flight Science

What’s up y’all my is Sean Littleton and I am a freshman attending Western Michigan University with Aviation Flight Science as my major. ⁠

I’m an Eagle Scout from Chicago, IL, and scouting is when I discovered my love of aviation and flying. Western Michigan University is recognized as one of best flying schools in the country, and the program is well respected. I visited WMU in March 2022 and quickly embraced the school. It is not the largest school, but there are enough RSOs, clubs, leisure activities, and other activities to keep you active.⁠

Being from Chicago, I attended a CPS school with a student population that was more than 85% African-American. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that I’m at WMU, I realize that everyone, regardless of background, can find their group, which I believe is important.⁠

I believe no matter what institution you go to, if you work hard enough and put yourself in the right environment you will thrive.⁠


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