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I Found My Niche at Wellesley College

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Student Name: Kennedy Mayo

School: Wellesley College

Major: Political Science, Psychology

Hi! My name is Kennedy Mayo, and I am a student-athlete at Wellesley College. I am double majoring in political science & psychology with many career interests in law, sports, fashion, & entrepreneurship.

Wellesley College is a prestigious historically women’s liberal arts college in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I love how close the campus is to other schools in the area, like Harvard, MIT, Babson, Tufts, & many more! So I am building connections with people at Wellesley & others in the Greater Boston Area.

When it comes to academics, Wellesley is known for having a rigorous curriculum & a challenging workload. The faculty is known for their supportiveness & dedication to helping students succeed, which can make things less stressful. One of the great things about Wellelsey’s academics is the first-year grading system. First years are shadowed graded, which means that in the fall semester, there will be no grades on their official transcripts; instead, they will be recorded as Pass/Fail. This gives the first years an easy transfer into college life.

Being a member of the volleyball team here at Wellesley has been a fantastic experience. My team is a close-knit group of supportive individuals passionate about the sport. Coming to campus in the summer before everyone else for preseason created this tight bond. Our practices are well-structured & challenging, & our coaches are dedicated to helping us improve individually & as a team.

Being an athlete here has taught me that almost anything is possible when balancing my academic workload, athletic commitments, & social life. Regarding extracurriculars, I participate in & attend many events on campus from different organizations. Additionally, I am an e-board member of Ethos, an organization dedicated to supporting all students of African descent. Being involved in these organizations has allowed me to meet new people, develop my leadership skills, & explore my interests outside of the classroom.

Overall, Wellesley College has been an excellent place for me & is a dynamic and supportive community that offers its students a transformative educational experience.


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