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I Found My Niche at Washington State University

Rebecca, a fair-skinned young woman with blond hair, sits on the bleachers of a football stadium. Behind her we see students sitting in the stands and in the distance we see part of the field and a jumbotron. Rebecca wears jeans, a red plaid tube top, and red sunglasses that are heart-shaped.

Student Name: Rebecca Griscom

School: Washington State University

Major: Psychology

“Hi! My name is Rebecca Griscom and I am currently a senior at Washington State University! I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in human development. I hope to eventually continue my studies and get a master’s in clinical psychology specializing in children.⁠

By far my favorite thing about WSU is the environment and how welcoming it is! I chose WSU, after doing a campus tour my senior year of high school and immediately fell in love with all the beauty the Palouse has to offer! (Especially the killer sunsets)⁠

Completing a year of my degree during the pandemic was challenging for sure, but my professors and peers made zoom university an interesting place to be and I wouldn’t change any part of my college experience for the world!”⁠ –

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