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I Found My Niche at Utah State University

Student Name: Aubrey

School: Utah State University

My experience at USU has been a crazy but rewarding ride. Utah State has been a great school so far, as it is only my first year but I’m already in love with it here.⁠

There is a great support system and a lot of different resources to turn to at any time of struggle or need. The staff here makes sure you have a good experience and are helping with your every need. I love the amount of activities, games, and socializing there is here. I swear there is a new event every week, if not everyday! I have had amazing roommates and opportunities to meet people here to create lasting friendships.⁠

There are also a lot of great professors that actually care for your well-being and make sure you feel welcomed. It is a great and safe environment to learn and develop new skills!⁠ – @aubreysommerfeld

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