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I Found My Niche at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Student Name: Tarek

School: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Major: Architecture

Hey! I am a 4th year student at Milwaukee and am an Architecture major in my 3rd year in the program. It was my first choice as it was the only school in the state (my home state for in-state tuition) that offered an accredited undergraduate architecture program.⁠

The school of architecture and urban planning is great, and I’m happy with the professors and class sizes. Some classes seem unnecessary and distract from the main studio classes which I like a lot. The campus overall is fine. It’s located in a nice neighborhood and is close to Bradford beach, food and North Street and Brady street, which are bigger commercial streets with nightlife. Some of the campuses buildings are nice and there are a couple new ones that have recently been built, are currently being built or renovated but overall it’s kind of an ugly campus with little to no green space and not a great traditional college feel. ⁠

UWM has d1 sports but no football team. They do have a NCFA club team but it’s not as big. There is a men’s and women’s basketball team which is fun to watch but the men play their games downtown in a larger arena which makes it harder and undesirable for a lot of students to make the trip out there. If I had other in-state options for architecture I would consider them but UW-Milwaukee was the only one for me.⁠


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