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I Found My Niche at University of South Dakota

Kiah, a young woman with light skin and blond hair, stands in front of a grey backdrop. She bends her knees slightly and holds her hands up in horn signs. A soccer ball balances on her head and she wears a red and white soccer uniform.

Student Name: Kiah Pieters

School: University of South Dakota

Major: Kinesiology and Sports Management

“Hi! My name is Kiah Pieters and I’m a freshman at the University of South Dakota. Furthermore, my major is kinesiology and sports management with an emphasis in exercise science. With this, I plan to become a physical therapist, which has always been my dream career.⁠

Additionally, I am on the women’s soccer program. I’ve grown up playing soccer so having the ability to play at the college level is super cool. At USD, the coaches and team atmosphere have made me feel very welcomed. I love the challenge of taking my skills to the next level and I’m super excited to see where my future at USD takes me!!⁠”⁠ – @kiah_pieters

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