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I Found My Niche at University of San Francisco

Monique sits on concrete stairs outdoors. She wears a brown trench coat and black polka dot dress.

Student Name: Monique Bui

School: University of San Francisco

Major: Psychology

“Hey everyone! My name is Monique Bui and I am a junior/senior at the University of San Francisco. I am majoring in psychology because I am fascinated by understanding how we feel and act upon our very own brain.⁠⁠
I chose to attend USF not only because of its smaller classes and diversity but also because it is surrounded by a city that has so much culture and activities right along the coast. A city where you always have something to do, amazing food to eat, cool museums like the Academy of Sciences, and so much shopping. ⁠⁠
With my love for shopping, I am hoping to work in a place where it mixes psychology and marketing together. What could we display that would make your brain light up and bring you in? I am planning to join USF’s marketing club this spring to help further my understanding of it.⁠⁠
I transferred to USF in the fall of 2020 and have been attending school online. It has been difficult mixing my home area with work because we have been so used to keeping it separate. Every school day, I learned how to slowly incorporate those two together. This pandemic is what made me move back to California and I’m glad I made the impulse decision to transfer because not only did it help financially but it also helped me learn a better way to start my day with more mindful activities. I can’t wait to be on campus to actually enjoy the beauty around campus and see students who are just like me taking in every piece of knowledge to help change the world around us. I love the city and I am super grateful to attend this school. Go Dons! 💛 💚 “⁠⁠ –@monique.bui

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