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I Found My Niche at University of Northern Iowa

Karli, a young woman with light skin and long blond hair, stands in a grassy area outside. In the distance is a tree line and the top of a red brick bell tower. Karli is turned to the side and smiles at the camera over her shoulder, both arms held up near her chest. She wears a black spotted dress.

Student Name: Karli Tramp

School: University of Northern Iowa

Major: Management Information Systems

“Hi everyone! My name is Karli Tramp (lol I know unfortunate), and I’m a first-year here at The University of Northern Iowa. I’m pursuing a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Spanish!⁠

I always wanted to be in a sorority ever since I was little because I saw how much my sister loved it. It was such a great decision and now I have my forever home at Alpha Phi and bonds that will last a lifetime. ⁠

My favorite part about college has been my best friends at my side. Taking on any adventure put in front of us whether that be: shopping, movie nights, meals together, classes, campus activities, or when we all got COVID-19 and quarantined together as well.⁠

Go cats!! 💛”⁠ – @_karlijo

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