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I Found My Niche at University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Hannah, a young woman with fair skin and light brown hair, is outside in a park. Behind her is a river, a stone gazebo, and greenery. Hannah balances on her toes and leans back with her arms in the air. She wears a yellow dress, black and white sneakers, and blue sunglasses.

Student Name: Hannah Vrkljan

School: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Major: Film Studies

“My name is Hannah Vrkljan, and I am a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am a Film Studies major with minors in Sociology, English, Theatre, and Broadcasting. ⁠⁠
I am from Minnesota and chose to attend a university out of state mainly for the course of wanting to explore a new place. I came into UNL for the major of Forensic Science but changed it to Film Studies (I changed it due to the emotional toll of forensics itself and some of the courses I knew I could potentially struggle in).⁠⁠
I chose the Film Studies major because I have enjoyed films/TV for all of my life and find the entertainment world fascinating with all the intricacies of filmmaking in general. It was further solidified because in high school I was part of the Live-Video News our school put out where we broadcast the news every day and created/edited our videos to also be shared on the news as well which was super fun.⁠⁠
When the pandemic started it created a whole new sense of learning on your own and really changed the way you have to empower yourself to learn and keep on a schedule. I never minded wearing masks for my courses and was glad when I got to attend in-person classes. I learned better by being in that school-like environment. I chose to stay in Lincoln my junior year to still have that college atmosphere rather than doing school back home in Minnesota.⁠⁠
One piece of advice I would give to any college student is to explore something new every year or every month when you’re attending college, especially in a different state. Being able to explore around and try new things makes the world seem a little bigger than ever before.⁠⁠
No matter how much your classes seem to be weighing on you, think ahead and never give up. You will always be able to come out on top and achieve new things you may never have thought before. I am proud to be part of UNL and can call myself a Minnesotan Husker.”⁠⁠ – @hystericalhannah

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