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I Found My Niche at University of Missouri – Kansas City

Student Name: Victor Sewankambo

School: University of Missouri – Kansas City

Major: Criminal Justice

My name is Victor Sewankambo and I’m a Freshman majoring in Criminal Justice and a track and field athlete at the University of Missouri Kansas City. As a high school senior, an athlete, and stranger to the United States education system, I was a little specific about the college I wanted to attend because I wanted to be close to home, compete at D1 level college, and continue with my education all at the same time. I only had a very few choices, and I’m glad the one choice I made was the right one because UMKC has showed me the beautiful parts of Kansas City as it is located exactly in the heart of Kansas City.⁠

The UMKC society is very welcoming, friendly, and open-minded as they provide a variety of activities to keep the students involved and entertained regardless of their background and origin. The professors are very helpful and friendly. The UMKC social atmosphere is very respectful and values everyone’s perspective. It’s also a fairly small campus, so it’s quite easy to get around to all your classes without having to drive around which I personally prefer. I’ve also been able to meet people from different parts of the world and make friends that I’m sure will last a lifetime because of how friendly everyone on campus really is. UMKC has been an absolutely amazing experience for me ever since I moved and I hope that every other student that attends will have a similar experience or even a better one.⁠


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