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I Found My Niche at University of Maryland

Isabel, a young woman with light skin and brown hair, sits at a wooden table outside. Behind her is greenery and other outdoor tables with white umbrellas. On the table in front of her are white bags and boxes of food and an ice coffee. She smiles at the camera with one hand resting on the table and wears a brown leather jacket.

Student Name: Isabel

School: University of Maryland

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice

“During the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to take a pre-college anthropology course through the Terp Young Scholars program at the University of Maryland. The course focused on forensic science and was taught by anthropology and criminology professors. In 2017, I was a rising junior in high school with no clue what I was going to study in college. But, through that program, I became interested in the criminology and criminal justice field. That summer was one of the best, and since then, I’ve wanted to go to the University of Maryland.⁠

It was my dream school and still is. I am now a junior majoring in criminology and criminal justice and minoring in Spanish and global terrorism studies. I love every aspect of my major and minors. UMD is an amazing school with a ton to offer its students from over 1000 student organizations to sporting events and many other fun traditions. My personal favorite is rubbing Testudo’s nose for good luck on exams and assignments! The University of Maryland community is so welcoming and I have met some amazing people over the past two years.”⁠ – @isabelsanfuentes

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