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I Found My Niche at University of Maine

Holly, a young woman with light skin and brown hair, poses on a porch outside. A white railing is behind her and beyond that is a line of green trees. She crouches down and smiles widely at the camera, her eyes squinted. She wears jeans and a black zip up.

Student Name: Holly

School: University of Maine

Major: Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

“Hi! I’m Holly, a senior at the University of Maine studying behavioral and cognitive psychology with a minor in neuroscience! I’m originally from Overland Park, Kansas and attended UO my freshman year of college. I found amazing friends and family but had to transfer due to family issues a year later. I chose UMaine because it gave me space from home but also let me be closer to my family.⁠

I’m an alumna of the Sigma Kappa Alpha Phi chapter at UO and currently the President of the UMaine figure skating club. UMaine has an amazing Athletics department and an even more amazing ice sports department.⁠

In my free time, I love watching hockey games and hanging with friends. I also am studying and applying to grad schools to see where my journey takes me next. Love my school and go bears!”⁠ – @hollymillenium

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