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I found My Niche at University of Illinois at Chicago

Student Name: Jordan Sweet

School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Major: Marketing

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Sweet. I am a rising senior marketing major from LA/CHICAGO and I attend the University of Illinois Chicago. My college experience has not been traditional, as I’ve attended three different universities! ⁠

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to attend an HBCU. Both of my parents attended Grambling State University, and instilled in me at a young age to immerse myself in my culture and stay determined to create lifetime experiences. During my time at the real HU, I flourished through connecting with my colleagues, service, leadership roles, and passion for arts. The memories and connections developed at HU are unforgettable. My un-enrollment at HU resulted after the 2020 pandemic, due to financial reasonings.⁠

I had the opportunity to finish my Gen-Ed requirements through funded scholarships at a local community college, which enabled me to transfer and began my junior year at the University of Illinois Chicago! Living in the windy city as a college student is amazing! There are numerous opportunities for career development, connections, sightseeing, and to simply have fun.⁠

The University of Illinois Chicago is a great school for students who are seeking opportunities broader than their horizons. UIC’s student body is collectively multicultural and the tuition is affordable.⁠

As a transfer student, it was important for me to attend a university that had inclusiveness and the ability to up-skill.⁠
My junior year I held three student positions: Peer Advisor – Study Abroad Office, Desk attendant – UIC Rec, and Campus Housing Rep – UIC Housing. I also will begin my study abroad experience Fall 2022, studying fashion design & merchandising in Milan, Italy. To keep up with my daily travel vlogs, follow for more!🔥 – @jordanksweet

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